Scenes From My Weekend - 1st Edition

Note : This was supposed to be posted on MONDAY...

So this weekend was pretty fun and uneventful.  Mr K has taken a new position and is gone ALL THE TIME.  He's still coaching hockey so that's what he wants to do but it leaves me and the little turd muffin home by ourselves a lot. 

So, Friday Ells went to the sitter for a few hours while I ran a few errands.  I mostly prepared and shipped my 10 items sold on ebay last week.  We are attempting that again this week, but I don't think it will go as well as I had hoped!  The goal, clean out and save up!  Then after I picked her up we headed over to GiGi's for a little bit, had dinner, and headed home to watch the Opening Ceremonies... Yes, the Olympics have taken over in our house. 

Saturday, we woke up and just chilled.  I was awoken late in the evening by Mr K who was driving through and stopped (with guest goalie) to sleep the night away, then leave again early the next morning.  Ells and I just layed around most of the day until about 430 when we decided to venture out to the store.  I had planned on running to a few stores for fun, but once out, I realized how cold it was, how sleepy and turd like Ella was being and I decided to grab the groceries and go back home.  Fail. 

Sunday I had plans to make up for Saturday, but when I woke up and it was snowing again, that was it.  We stayed in all day and played and watched movies.  Oh, and cleaned! 

Fun Weekend. 
How was yours?

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