The Balanced Life

I was scrolling through the instagram the other day... Feb 1st to be exact... and came across on of my favorite style bloggers, Jill G, who had posted a picture with the hash tag #28daysofpilates.  For some reason, it intrigued me.  It must have been either a fat moment, or a moment where I wasn't ready to let go of my phone yet. 

Anyways, I went over to the blog related to the hash tag and decided to sign up myself. 

It's a really nice 5-10 min video each day.  I love how it's not too hard, but it feels good to get back into actually doing something again.

Go on over and meet Robin and check out the #28daysofpilates!  I'm sure you will love it!  And we are only a couple days in so it's still a good time to hop on board!

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