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Good Morning Blog Hogs! 

Hope you've had a lovely week.  I decided to take a time out on my work for the moment and post.  Today is my favorite day to post -- Thrifty Thursdays! I have no plans for the weekend besides skating so I'm hoping to get a little caught up on my attempts at some of my own Thrifty Thursday projects! 

But for today I thought I'd feature Craigslist!  Probably because I found this AMAZING chair today!  I have a new found love for Orange!  Anyone else on board?  I think it's a cute chair with a great color to it and it will add a bit o' pop to my living room!  Here she is:

What do you think???
 I just love surfing craigslist!  Nothing wrong with a few items that have been pre-owned.  I got my Pottery Barn Dining Chairs off craigslist.  I got 4 of these for $80.  I don't have a picture of them, but here's a pic from Pottery Barn. 


I found Mike's Manly Vintage Leather Club Chair on there for $125...AND it came with the ottoman!  Can't beat that!  Here's a picture of that...

What's up with the footstool behind the chair?  I don't know why that is there. And don't mind Lex... 
Do you use craigslist to find "thrifty" deals?  What have you found? 

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