Memphis { Part One }

So this past weekend, we drove down to Memphis to visit my sister.  We also had to drop off a new car to her. 
See her reaction below...
I know, AWFUL picture, but you get the idea.
She got a "new to her" 2004 Red Jeep.
I thought she might cry.

We got there Thursday night and dropped the car off to Lib, then went to see our condo. 
Here's mom and Dad standing in the kitchen which had no microwave by the way.

 Once we got settled in, we walked over to Gus' Chicken... a Memphis must do restaurant. 

Here's Michael relaxing on the sofa at the condo...

And Johnny trying to avoid a picture...

And Michael & I attempting to connect to the Internet...
Don't worry, it didn't happen.  No Internet.  Womp Womp.
I lived on my phone for FB updates and contact to the outer world.

Friday we took a long walk to The Peabody. 
On the way, we passed the Orpheum...

Where we saw a few stars...
Now, if you know who Johnny Mathis is I applaud you! 
I took this for my grandma! 
She loves her some Johnny Mathis!

I took this one for myself!  :)
I had my own version of the Hamill Camel at one time...
And no, that's not the haircut.

And my mom attempted to hold Elvis in her hand...
She held Graceland last year...
Moving up...

And at last we were at The Peabody!
I think it was around 10 blocks away but with a pregnant body it felt like 30.

We went to see the Peabody Ducks waddle their way from the elevator onto the red carpet into the fountain!

See how empty it was at this point? 
And please... notice how the chairs in this picture are not around the table.

These pictures looked a lot better on my camera.

The Secret Service for the Peabody and the Ducks.
They were kind of jerks.
They kind of ruined it for us.
Told us we had to keep all the chairs around the tables, not to move them so we could see, no one can stand in the lobby, and they just kept bothering us... not to mention, standing DIRECTLY in the way!

The Duck Master telling his story.

Making their way...
See the one on the edge of the fountain?

Can you believe they do this 2x a day and have done it for the past 75 years?! 
Kinda crazy.
And there's always a crowd.
Although it doesn't really show up until about 10 minutes before 11am.

And there they are... for the day until 5pm when they waddle back up.

And that's what we did in Memphis Day 1 & 2.

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