My Crazy Life

Did you guys know I'm 7 months pregnant?
Or 29 weeks... I get so confused on that because you are really pregnant for 10 months. 
Which should it be then? 
And I actually think my life is more crazy now than it was before we found out we were expecting!
At the moment, I'm working my full time job as well as teaching ice skating 6 days a week.
Feet are still fitting into my skates at the moment although it is getting uncomfortable to just put them on in general.  Group lessons will be done December 18th so I'll be teaching right on through that time at least. 

I've got something to do every weekend from now until the baby comes - I think. 
This weekend - Baby Shower thrown by the mom's of Mr. K's hockey team
Next weekend - Thanksgiving
1st weekend in December - Baby Shower thrown by the work girls
2nd weekend in December - Cookie Decorating Party hosted by me
3rd weekend in December - Holiday Party hosted by Shanna
4th weekend in December - Christmas (travel home)
5th weekend in December - New Years (stay home)
1st weekend in January - Baby Shower thrown by mom

Ok... so maybe not right up to when the baby is born, but pretty darn close!  And that's if she doesn't come early.  I can barely find time to breathe! 

This week here is my to-do list:
  1. Restock on Pre-natal Vitamins
  2. Send Thank Yous from 1st Shower
  3. Set up lessons for my skaters for when I'm gone
  4. Make Mobile for Nursery
  5. Send out Holiday Look Books - Stella & Dot
  6. Send Thank Yous to recent S&D purchasers
  7. Pick up paint for dresser, loft, and guest bedroom
  8. Look for Bookcases for Loft
  9. List TONS of Items on Craigslist
  10. Start holiday shopping
  11. Finish Bed & Dresser
  12. Oh yea, and blog for the next few weeks so I'm ahead of the game as prego brain seems to be sinking in more and more!
So we'll see how much of this I get done... at least some of my lessons have decided to take a week off!  Thank goodness for a little extra time - AND I have Friday off.  I wonder how I'll spend it...

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