Memphis { Part Two }

Looking through all my Memphis pictures I feel like I was there for a week! 
It was only 4 days, but it felt a bit longer. 

You can see the first recap of Memphis here. 

Next Stop: Beale Street.
We went to the Old General Store there that has apparently been the same since like the late 1800s. 
I can't remember the name at the moment, but the items available for sale in there are priceless!
There are just big bins with things like hats, scarves, necklaces, fake dogs/cats that breathe (I know), random gag gifts, and Elvis glasses with sideburns! 

On the second floor is kind of like a museum of sorts. 
It's filled with pictures, old items that were sold, clothes, toys, all antiques. 
I loved these cash registers!  I have a major fascination with cash registers that are what some might consider ancient! 

Look at these old dresses that were up there...

My little brother checking out items in the store below!

Then we headed to Huey's. 
Another Memphis Must Do!  We love this place for whatever reason!  The food is always good, the service is always good AND they give you straws and toothpicks to shoot at the ceiling! 
The entire ceiling is some sort of cork board or Styrofoam so that they stay!
Here's my dad giving it his best... most of his were "accidentally" shot across the table at my sister Lib.

Or they made their way back down into his hat...
See the toothpicks sticking out?
By the way, he does not always look like this! 
He was being goofy, hence the bug eyes and chin down!

Johnny giving it his best shot...
(in the red sweatshirt) 

And Michael too...
Most of his ended up falling down on me!
The ceilings were really high!

Next night we went back to Beale Street and at at The Hard Rock Cafe.
I think I might have been the only one to eat at a Hard Rock so we went there. 

When walking around at night on a street lined with bars with your family one of which who is only 14, it's hard to find a place to eat that is "family friendly." 
Oh, Michael - someday you'll be old enough to enjoy Beale Street with us!

After we ate, my mom wanted a picture of us with my dad...

And he attempted to ruin it!  He just loves to take pictures...
Can't you tell?

Then it was time to drive to the Nike Outlet.
I don't really enjoy this place on a good day, but especially not when I'm pregnant.
The rest of my family LOVES it. 
They feel like everything is $10. 

But on the way, we had to stop and get gas. 
And my brother Michael and I found this to be so funny. 
My mom was getting so mad because she couldn't see the screen on the pump due to the beautiful sunshiny day!  It was making her so mad and she had to continually keep covering the screen to see it.
I know, not really that funny, but it had been a long morning!

Then it was back to school for the real reason we came - to see Lib as a Bench warmer!
Lib was injured this season - some fractures in her back need to heal - and since she's the goalie, healing meant sitting. :( Woamp Woamp.

Love you Lib!

It was the Lady Bucs last game of the season...
Supposed to be Lib's last game of her senior year, but she ended up red shirting due to injury this season.

So she got to give special gifts to the other seniors who are actually graduating this year and won't be playing next year!

Then there was a cookout with all kinds of goodies!  The pulled pork was AMAZING! 
Apparently all the parents get together and do this for the girls after every home game. 
Umm... yes please!
Most of the girls on the team are either from Memphis or the surrounding areas which makes this possible!

And there'll be one more installment of the Memphis trip 2011 sometime soon only because I couldn't get the rest of the pictures to load timely! 

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