Beautiful Weather = Project Explosion

This week has been the most beautiful weather and I don't know if that's the reason or if it's my readiness to be back into the groove of life and doing things again, but I have been craftiness crazy this week.  I've had a list of things I wanted to get done now for a while so I started checking some of them off this week. 

That being said, most the projects - with exception of those involving spray paint - have been done with me wearing the baby bjorn.  My back is killing me, but my sanity is loving it!  Right now I'm in one of my 15 min or so gaps where E is sleeping and will be waking soon.  I must hurry!

I've tackled about 10 projects.  They aren't all really PROJECTS but organization, computer stuff, and cleaning still counts as projects!  I've also decided to prep for a garage sale next week to kind of clear out the clutter.  My garage sales are never very good, but we'll try again!

I'll share part two of the pantry later today.  That was a huge one for me to tackle and I'm still not completely satisfied with it, but at least it's semi-organized now.  Then yesterday I found some printables to utilize in there. 

Others to come:
Spring door wreath
E St. Patrick's Day Photo Shoot
Painting an accessory
Redoing lamps for the guest room
Rearranging and deciding what to keep in the loft
Redoing a chair for the living room
Cleaning up the front landscaping
Setting up interviews with sitters

Still wanting to tackle:
Stencilled/Painted drop cloth table cloth
Adding ribbon to curtains
Painting buffet (Having trouble choosing a color)

Ok, what am I doing sitting here... I must go while the baby is still asleep!

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