Monogramming My House

There was a pop up shop - A Swanky Abode - that came to Carmel a while back.  I believe it left in January, but I went and checked it out here.  While I was there I picked up this large K because at that time I hadn't seen them this size anywhere else.  Now though, I've seen them at JoAnn

But it sat in it's raw cardboard color condition for a long time at the top of the stairs.  Then when it was nice out and I got all crafty crazy, I pulled it downstairs and went to it. 

I already had a teal from a sample that I wanted to try out on the buffet. 
It was Glidden's Teal Lake that I grabbed at Wal-Mart

Then I sat down and started painting.  This is how I do most of my projects now...
The Baby Bjorn has kept me sane and able to keep up with some things...

Then I took it back upstairs and put it right back where it was. 

Dont' judge the books on the bench, although, it's kind of growing on me, I'm waiting for Mr. K to build me a bookshelf for right around the corner of the stairs to the right.  And don't mind the creepy little doggie (Louie) on the bottom right... he snuck in there.

It's a nice pop of color for the top of the stairs, right under the fairly bland in it's all creams and mostly black and white photos gallery wall. 

Now, to work on the bench and bookcase... soon, I hope.

Happy Monday!

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