How many of us have bought a gym membership and never used it?
Have any of you heard of this? 

Mr. K found this before he had an iPhone and has now signed up.  We shall see how much he makes or loses on it!  haha.  What it does is it incentivizes your workouts.  It helps you commit to exercise using cash incentives and they say that their members make 90% of their committed workouts.  They put real money on the line and made it easy to check in at gyms so people could actually make themselves get out and go to the gym!

You do need an iPhone to get started, but if you gym has wifi, an iPod Touch or iPad can also work for check-ins.  They are able to verify any fitness center outside of your home or office. 

Your pact is a weekly commitment that runs Monday through Sunday.  You have until Sunday at midnight in your timezone to sign up for and change your pact for that week.  All pacts then start on Monday.  GymPact sends out attendance emails on Monday/Tuesday with your attendance and any payments due or rewards earned.  If you meet your pact, you get a cash reward for each day committed.  Where does the money come from?  It's paid for by those who didn't make it to the gym.  Generally the rewards are $.50 to $.75 per workout.

Wish I had an iPhone although I probably would lose more on this right now than make!  Still trying to figure out this whole baby and motherhood thing!  It can be very complicated as anytime I want or am ready to go somewhere we have a meltdown.  Oh Ella.

I'm back to using Daily Mile which you can see on the left sidebar.  :)

Happy Tuesday!

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laxsupermom said...

That's pretty cool! I don't have an iPhone, but it seems like a really neat program. Thanks for sharing.

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