Noblesville Finds!

As promised (although a day late) I'm sharing our finds from our antique trip the other day!  We were looking for a bench, but I ended up spending money on other things. 

I'd been thinking about making a "E" to hang somewhere in Ella's room.  I was going to maybe try yarn art or decorate one of those card board letters but then I spotted this vintage plastic "E" sitting and waiting for me. 

It's a little scratched up, but I was thinking about maybe taking a magic eraser to it to clean it up.  I'm not sure yet... might just leave it as is for the character aspect!

Then, I found something that I purchased to take the place of something until I can find it.  For some really wierd reason I've always wanted the Coca-Cola Ice Skating Tray/Tin thing...

But when I came across this tin below, I figured I could wait a bit longer and find one in good condition! 

Plus, this one incorporates Mr. K as well.  He thought it was super cool!  AND it goes better with the decorin our house.  My downstairs is working on being blues, tans, and grays.  Now I just need to find a place to put it!

Happy Friday! 
Hoping for nicer weather than today this weekend!  Rain, Rain, go away!

1 comment:

laxsupermom said...

Love the blue skating tin! What a find! Thanks for sharing.

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