Monday's with Martha { Scrapbook Ideas }

With the little one on her way... hopefully not tonight with the full moon... I'm brushing up on my scrap booking skills with a little help from my friend Martha. 

I used to scrapbook all the time.  I have about 10 at home.  They range from things like my skating show, to skating through the years, to high school, to Mr. K and myself.  But for the babe, I want to make sure I include just about everything!  I've saved cards, bags, game pieces, accessories - you name it, I have it from the last 9 months and I'm ready to get going on this major task once Baby K gets here! 

Here are just a few ideas from the real Miss Martha:

I'm loving this one for when the baby girl gets older.  I wonder how long I'll be able to keep this up?  Hmmm... I was thinking one for every year... we shall see...

Love this idea!  It's like a scrapbook inside a scrapbook!  I was thinking maybe baby nurses pictures... Who knows what I'll do?!?  But I do love it!

Love.  Love.  Love.
This could totally be attached inside a scrapbook and still be able to flip through all the pages. 
I can't wait to start on this project!  It's been so long since I scrap booked!

This might be a neat idea to use with all the pictures that I don't really like or don't really have room for?!?  Might be neat to use with all the non-used daily, weekly, monthly photos taken! 

I just like the looks of these corners.  They really are too cute and I like how they are all different. 
But using corners gives such a clean, crisp look to the pages without ruining the pictures.

Family Tree - A total must for this baby book. 

And just a really sweet photo page of the babe sleeping.  I love the sheep and the ribbon.  Too sweet.

And in case you wanted to do a little more DIY to your scrapbook than usual, Martha also offers cover templates, iron ons, clip art, and cut outs!

Here are a few of my faves:

- These are iron on transfers that look to be screen printed! - 

- Print out photo borders -

- I'm sure I'll be using the baby clip art!  These look like Darcy Miller's scrapbook pictures! -

Just a few things for me to start looking into!  Once I finally get all my baby stuff in order, I'll have to start getting my scrap booking stuff in order!  Oh Baby!  Oh scrapbooks!  Oh Baby! 

Happy Monday!

{ all images via marthastewart.com }

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