Thrifty Thursday { Nursery Art on the Cheap }

As I finished up the nursery this week, I was thinking it needed something on this one wall where I had hung the hooks I found at Urban Outfitters in Memphis. 

I had a huge mason jar of buttons that my mom used for one of the games at my baby shower and I'd been meaning to do something with them, but I wasn't sure what.  I initially thought about doing the letter of Baby Girl's name, but since we still haven't decided on a name yet that couldn't get done.  So I just kept thinking about what I had and what I could do...

I found an old 8x10 canvas and painted it teal. 

Then I grabbed the buttons...

And sorted through them to find the ones that coordinated with the room...

And then I went to town with my new best friend - the glue gun - and came up with this!!!

And here it is on the wall...

So total cost for this project was $0!!!  I had everything already!!! 

Then I felt that the wall behind the rocker felt a little boring and bland because it didn't have anything on it.  My mom commented that I did a lot of art in there, but I want the babe to be interested and have things to look at and ponder! 

I found these printables on Sprik Space.  I saved them and printed them out on card stock.

They only cost me the price of the frames at $5 each from TJ Maxx Home Goods.  I love them!  Love Love Love!

And here they are on the wall behind the chair!

And lastly, you may be wondering about that picture above the Mockingbird print.  Again, FREE, just the cost of the $4 frame. 

I used some remnants of scrapbook paper that I had used to line the drawers on the dresser to make up the background of this piece.  The diaper is actually an invite to the first baby shower that Mr. K's Mom and Aunt threw.  I think it's a cute touch to the room. 

I've tried to incorporate all things that mean something.  Well, I've just tried to incorporate what I already had at home or were mine as a child or are from people who love Mr. K and I. 

Just really excited that I could complete the room, keep it classy, and keep the cost down!  3 projects all for under $15!  Jack to the Pot!  Jackpot! 

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CraveCute said...

Darling! I love button art! Re-purposing is wonderful, sometimes just looking around your house can give you such good ideas!

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