Hello 2010

Here's to a good year...can you just feel it?

Mike and I are both sitting on the couch - not talking, both on computers, Lex to our Left, Louie under the couch, with a movie finishing on the TV, breakfast on the coffee table, and the house feels like it's still wrecked from Christmas morning and we didn't even have the holidays here! I feel like I just cleaned up the house yesterday!

One big goal we are setting is training for the mini-marathon here in Indy. That will be a feat, but we are doing it together so it shouldn't be too bad. And oh yea, getting married. That will be one big deal!
My personal goals are to, of course, lose 10 lbs, try to keep the house cleaner, stay more organized, finish up this wedding stuff, finish reading more books, finish painting the house, finish landscaping the house, eat healthier and take better care of myself in general. We'll see how this goes.

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