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Back in August I was looking for a photographer.  Then, with the wedding being less than a year away, most photographers already had been booked for my date.  I searched high and low.  I was very particular in this selection.  I wanted something semi-untraditional with a little sass and a bit of class but most of all I wanted a photographer who wasn't afraid to do the unexpected! 

Wedding party as photographed by Amanda Wilcher Photography

Amanda and her husband, Kyle, are just awesome!  First of all, I don't think that I could have found anyone with more sass than Amanda!  Love it!  I am a "Blogstalker" as she calls it and I check her blog daily for updates to see what her latest creative endeavors have been!  They take the most beautiful pictures!  The photos are always serene and almost perfect like she and Kyle are always in the right spot at the right time!  And there's always a sense of taking it to the next level...wherever that level may be. 

Check out some amazing pictures by them here!

I am so excited to work with Amanda and Kyle.  I hope that you all will check out their website and blog.  They are hi-lariously funny and enjoyable people and I'm sure are going to create stellar memories and photographs of Mike and I's big day! 

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