-- My First Miss --

Yesterday was my first miss... What do I mean? I mean it was the first time I missed blogging in so many days!!! I took a trip to Fort Wayne Yesterday to do some wedding details so I decided to not take my computer with me since it would be for less than 12 hours. The less items I can take with me the better.

I visited the church with my mom and found out that it was going to be just as expensive as it would be to do all the rentals and put up a tent at my "dream" place, but I'll talk about that some other time (either tomorrow or Monday). Then we went cake tasting...that will be a GOOD post! And then I finished off the evening by having dinner with a dear old friend who just made my evening! I've missed her!

Anyways, the day started by driving home at 7:45am and it didn't end until I got home around 11pm. This is why there was no blog yesterday. And today's is kind of short because I had skating lessons from 8am until 2pm today. Ugh...think wedding bills...

I'll make up for it with some Sunday morning coffee tomorrow and great posts this week.

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