- Working on the ONLINE Registries -

Oh how I love the internet!  It's amazing how many things you can do online!  As I sit here on the couch on my day off from work, and I flip through a catalog that I grabbed recently at Crate and Barrel I figure, why not add some things to my registry?  While going to the store and playing with the little "gun" would be fun, Mike does get distracted easily...as do I.  We'd end up in the furniture area for sure and with nothing on the registry.

Not only are these great deals, but they are the essentials for my C&B Registry.  You can set up your own C&B registry by clicking here.  So here are my favorite items that i'm adding to my Crate and Barrel registry FROM HOME:

- Bright colored stoneware that can go from oven to table!  Dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe!-


-2 1/4" to 10 1/4" dia, 1.1-144oz-


-Smartpower Premier-


-Seven 2" pancakes spring easily from this nonstick cast aluminum pan-
-I can't wait to actually make normal looking pancakes with this pan!-


-Lift and Look feature lets you check the toast in the middle without resetting!-
-Beeps when toast is ready-
-Extra wides slots for bagels and pastries-


*All prices from the Crate and Barrel website as of 1/8/09*

We also have online registries at Macy's and Bed, Bath, and Beyond but we haven't really worked much on those yet. 

Happy Friday!

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