-- Saving Money for a Wedding --

Saving money is hard. Period.

Cutting things out is hard too! It's like you every time you turn around, there's something new. It's really hard to save when you are constantly spending.

Here's a list of things that I'm doing to try to save some extra money for the wedding.

1. We pay all the bills and anything extra goes right into savings. I still need to pay off the photographer.

2. I put at least $75 from every pay check into savings automatically. This is basically included into the "bills." If I can do more, I do.

3. We sell slightly used items on ebay and save whatever the profit. All the extra money, obviously goes into savings. Are you catching on? :)

4. I've picked up skating classes all over the city of Indianapolis to try to save a little extra cash. ALL skating money goes directly into savings! It's not much, but it will be a chunk when it's all said and done.

(This is not me in the picture, but this is what I do 4x a week -- She's teaching fishies/swizzles)

5. We asked for all cash for Christmas -- this one did not turn out so good. People think cash for Christmas is impersonal so they buy you gifts anyways.

I initially started an orange savings account because it was free at ingdirect.com. Then I finally opened a chase.com savings account because the access was easier so when I needed to make a payment to someone I could just transfer the money immediately online and use my checking account to send the money! There are many saving account options out there...just make sure you find the one that is right for you.

These are just a few simple ways to get a little extra cash to make your dream wedding come true. Do you have any other suggestions on how to save money for your wedding?

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