-- One-sy --

Roaming around town with my mom and brother the other day I received a picture text.  It was from my friend Whitney - Hi Whit! 

Anyways, she recently found out that a few of her friends were now expecting and was trying to think of something cute, original, and not too expensive to give to them as presents.  Here's the outcome! 

She took a plain ol' baby onesy, and then decided to Embroider it.  She did this by just threading a needle with the appropriate color, and working her way back and forth on the fabric. 

I love it!  Why?  Because it's simple and not too fussy for the new baby, personal because Whit made it for her friends, and DIY!!!  Now you could definitely do this one!

This one could be for me, but don't worry...I'm not expecting! 

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