-- Still Looking --

I want to redo something in my house.  I'll probably just paint something. 

I know that I want my kitchen to look as much like this as possible. 

I'm hoping to paint the walls up my stairs a chocolaty brown and put many family photos up on it kind of like this.

Because this is basically my living room palate right now with splashes of green...

I need to redo the back bedroom completely.  Well, strike that.  It's never been done.  It's like a crazy conglomeration of all the things we cannot get rid of.  I was thinking a gray color or maybe a yellow/ivory!??! 

I want my house to flow so I have that palate above for my downstairs and my office is painted elephant gray (which in the light looks more like sky blue), and then our bedroom is painted Prairie Sage.  So what would the obvious next progression be?  And this bedroom is at the back of the house. 

Here's a gray nursery... kind of LOVE the idea... would probably change a few things to add more color and sass...

But here's a gray bedroom too.  I love the infused red!

Here's an ivory bedroom.
I'm thinking something to make the house look finished...  Any ideas? 

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