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So I was reading Young House Love the other day and they said they are sadly no longer True Value DIY Bloggers. But they listed a few other DIY bloggers so I decided to check them out. One of them is Thrifty Decor Chic. I've been to her blog before, but I figured the best way to start of Thrifty Thursdays would be with a Thrifty Chic, right?!

She purchased glass vases/candleholders... mostly at goodwill for $1-$2. The others she got at Hobby Lobby for half off. The largest one in the middle was the most expensive.
Then she wrapped them with a gauzy fabric using double sided tape. This creates a really nice glow.


These are awesome! And you can do so many things with this Centerpiece Idea. She puts them on a mirror, but they could stand alone for sure! Here is the finished product! Voila! Too easy for sure!

Here is her easter table:


And Here is the centerpiece with the lights out:

So go check out Sarah over at Thrifty Decor Chick and if you try this one, post a comment about how it went!

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kelly said...

i think you would like my best gal jorie's blog.. anntorian.blogspot.com

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