-- Willow Art --

For the wedding, my mom grabbed some willow branches from her friend Anne's willow tree that she was cutting down.  Since the wedding, the extras have been sitting in my garage... I couldn't part with them.  And then finally this weekend, I moved them into the house.  I thought they'd be neat in some of the larger vases that I have around my house, but they didn't fit. 

So then they stayed in the bathroom leaning against the wall for a day.  That entire day, every time that Mike walked in there, he reminded me that we had a tree growing in there.  Which gave me the urge to get them out of there more quickly than anticipated. 

So.... I made this! 

All I did was arrange 4 willow branches how I liked them.  I basically just put one branch facing out and the next facing in and repeated with the last two branches. 

Once they were arranged and laying how I wanted them, I wrapped twine around the areas that overlapped a bit.  You can't really see that well with this picture.  But there are five areas where the twine is wrapped. 

But I think it turned out great.  Now, I have to move the artwork that was above my bed to it's new home, find a dresser, and some curtains and I think I'll be all done! 

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