-- You are a Pearl --

I have a cousin named Kelly.  She takes risks.  Well, I think we all take risks, but she takes leaps!  The most recent leap that Kelly has taken is a little venture to Europe.  She started in Germany and right now she's in Paris! 

She found a little studio that she's staying in while she's there for a couple of weeks!  It's too cute!  I HAVE to go to Paris! 

But anyways, she's blogging it all!  Her adventures, pictures of the beautiful scenery over there, new friends, stories!!!  EVERYTHING!!! 

Check out her blog here.  It's called The World is Your Oyster.  I think I love it and you will too! 

I wish Kelly every excitement and fulfillment while she's over there!  I'm a little jealous, but I really like following her journey!  Much Love Kell! 

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kelly said...

thanks for the love! your blog is amazing!

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