-- Dizzy --

This morning I woke up with a headache.  I went back to bed. 

Then when I got up, I was dizzy. 

So I will spend my day laying in bed and working on my laptop, watching movies and shows I love, sipping some coffee, and trying to get rid of this headache. 

The lineup is as follows:

Watch Weeds from last night.  Does anyone LOVE this show as much as I do?  I think I just love Mary Louise Parker and the kid who plays Silas. 


Watch The American President.  One of my personal favorites...this is Annette Bening and Michael Douglas at their best!  Such a great movie!  I DVR-ed it over night. 

Work on my Stella Stuff...from bed. 

Catch up on my emails.

Maybe take a nap after I take some more medicine. 

Probably schedule an appointment with the Chiropractor...my neck tension and knots are getting out of control.  I rub muscle relaxer on it every night before bed. 

Finish the last few trickling Thank Yous that are still lingering over my head. 

Sounds like a full sick day.  What do you guys do on your sick days?

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