-- Clean House --

Friday we had some company...  So that meant that my house needed to be cleaned. 

Do you ever feel like your house is somewhat out of control?  Well, my house is not usually out of control, but there were definitely things that needed to be taken care of before we had friends over.  It was just like needing to vacuum, pick up the dog toys, dust, and finish folding the laundry, but still...it took me almost all day on Friday.  Thank goodness I don't work Fridays! 

The dog hair is so hard to keep up with, the laundry tends to fall into our loft area.  Those are the worst. 

Does anyone try to schedule a certain thing on certain days?!  I thought that might be a good idea.  While I should have taken before and after pictures, here are the after pictures...and a sneak into my newlywed, eclectic mixed home.  ;)

These aren't anything special, but at least you are seeing something CLEAN!!!  And Mike... He jumped on the couch when I was going to take the pictures...sorry. 

Hope our friends Mike, Jessica, and their dog Baxter enjoyed their visit!  :)  Hope the house was clean enough and the wine was good! 

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