DIY Headboard Redo

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It's Thrifty Thursday again and this one is so great!  Why?  Because if you are like me, we see this type of thing all the time and can't quite wrap my head around how to go about it...well, now we can!!! 


This comes from Emily Ann from Emily Ann Interiors.  She came across a dingy, old, dark wood, upholstered headboard at a thrift store and couldn't walk away from it with it only being $40.  So she brought it home and wasn't sure what she was going to do with it. 

First, she took apart the frame and fabric part of the headboard.  Then she painted the wooden frame white.  A much crisper look than the dated dark wood. 

A friend told her she should stuff the tufts so she did with little pieces of batting.  This would make the fabric stretch more perfectly. And over that, she layed a thin layer of batting. 

From there, she stapled the new fabric (of choice) and batting to the lip of the headboard.  When you do this, make sure you leave enough lip to screw the frame back on. 


And here is her finished product!  This project only cost her a total of $70. 


I think I'm now on the hunt!  I need a headboard for our guest bedroom.  :)

For the entire post from Emily Ann, click here

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