-- Cupcake Girls --

Happy Labor Day!

I think there is a "Cupcake Girls" marathon on WE TV.  I think I love them.  Heather and Lori.  I love their attitudes, their style, and their store!!!  While I've never been there, I can imagine that I would love them.  I would work for them no problem! 

They met when they were 15 working in retail and have been friends ever since!  I love that they kind of live by the seat of their pants and that not everything always goes as planned.  And they let you see that!  Because we all know life and business never goes as planned! 

I love their branding too.  It's so vintage and all about the girls! 

Does anyone watch this show? 

I think their 24 Carrot, Versace, and Red Velvet sound WONDERFUL!!!  Wish I could open a franchise!  LOVE!!! 

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