-- Obsessions--

I know there are some of you out there with obsessions...

Well, I have a couple. 

1.  Goodwill.  I can't help thinking that I could make something look so much different than when I bought it.  I go in there looking for tables, chairs, anything to fix/change.  Mike hates it when I go in there looking for tables specifically.  He says we have too many.  I say they fill empty space. 

2.  Craigslist.  Same thing.  I love looking for something that someone is probably replacing with new, but still has tons of life in it.  I've gotten a couple of chairs, tables, lamps, ottomans, etc off of craigslist.  I'm sure there will be many more finds.  Here's my latest score... Love it.  Don't mind the mess on top. 

 3.  HOME GOODS!!!  I mean, who doesn't LOVE this store!?!  I've found a rug in there before that I just couldn't splurge on at the time...well, baby...the splurge is on it's way!  I always find Lamps, Art, Sheets, Accessories.  Now, if they could just serve me up a Settee or Sofette in the right color we'd be on track.  I mean, who can resist this place?!?

4.  Blogs.  I am seriously a blog hog.  I even started a blog that I haven't really started yet called Blogs and Coffee.  I need to get going on that.  I want to feature a different blog like every other day that you can sit and drink your coffee with.  Haven't you seen that Blogs and Coffee print?  I definitely need it in my house. 
5.  Working...  Well, I should rephrase that.  Trying to work so that I won't have to work!  lol.  I am always doing 2-3 jobs at one time.  I have my full time job, my skating, and now my Stella & Dot.  I love the feeling of having my own money.  I also love the feeling of having play money.  I think that's why I can't stop doing things!  

What are your obsessions and why do you do the things you do?!?  I'd love to hear from you! 

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