-- Wedding Wednesday -- Hot Cakes! --

Hello again blog hogs!  I heart you all for coming back!  Yesterday I was looking at stats for this blog and it's made it's merry little way to Malaysia, Paris, Denmark, The Netherlands, Canada, and obviously, the US just to name a few. 

But you didn't come here today for any of that...You came because it's Wedding Wednesday!  Yay! 

Today I've made an inspiration board called "Hot Cakes!"  These are some of my favorite cakes.  I love them for their different textures, their toppers, their color, and their original "flavor."  I don't actually mean flavor, rather style! 

We had Lemon, Raspberry Swirl, Marble Swirl, and White for our flavors...and OOOOHHHH eeeee were they good!  The cake just melted in your mouth!  I'm sure these would too!  Which one is your favorite?  Or send me a link to your favorite wedding cake!

Hot Cakes

 Happy Hump Day!  :)  You are halfway there!

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