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Hello Blog Hogs! 

Time for Etsy Finds!  Today's theme is coffee.  I LOVE COFFEE!!  I think that all people should drink coffee!  Coffee doesn't have to be all about coffee!  It's about the feeling it gives you, the boost it gives you, and usually the atmosphere that comes along with it!

Our first feature today is a coffee koosie!  I love these...  First of all, it's because they are reusable!  I have one...not like this, but it's going on my wish list.  Too Cute!  They are letting you recycle with out even thinking about it!  From Knit Storm, we have the Flowery On-the-Go Cup Cozy.  All their stuff is cute! 

Ok, I'm not a big fan of folk art...I'm more modern or classic... but this might have to go in my kitchen!!!  It's too fun and true to pass over!  From Folk Art From the Harbor, this is actually a stencil.  It is the truth though...and anyone can do a stencil!!! 


It's pillow time!!!  I love these accent pillows, don't you?!?  They are lovely!  They'd be perfect on a kitchen banquette OR in an office... see the correlation?  :)  These pillows are from Seed Stone Gardens.  Enjoy!

This piece of artwork comes to us from I Shoot Nouns.  Don't you love everything that is "Keep Calm and Carry On?"  I know I do.  So why not "Keep Calm and Drink a Latte?"

And last we have... COFFEE MUGS!!!  Did you think I wasn't going to feature any!??  How could I not?!?  I think these are classic.  I love the shorter mugs and these are sassy with little 'staches' on them.  What do you think?  These are from Sunny Dayz

Alright kids!  I hope you've enjoyed!  See you all next time!  If you have suggestions for Etsy Finds, send them my way! 

Much Love!

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