-- My Ikea Wish List --

Does anyone else have a love hate relationship with IKEA?  I know I do!  I love to go and I hate that they are all so far away (and that they barely ship)!  And lets be honest...I could use almost everything in there!

I decided that I'd share with you my IKEA wish list because not only do I find IKEA affordable, sassy, different, workable, and better quality, but I'd like to fill my house with it like some of the designers and other bloggers do! 

So, here goes!

Ikea Wish List

The dressers would be used in my bedroom which needs a complete set of furniture. 
The wardrobe would be used as a linen closet in a corner that I have in my upstairs loft.  I need a place to store all our pillows, sheets, etc.  I assume I'll need to use our closets at some point and would like them to not be filled with nonsense that could go in here!  I think I'd frost the glass too. I also found this wardrobe for just $179.  And here are all the others!
The Jorin herringbone rug!  LOVE IT!!!  I'm not sure where I'd put this right now, but I know I'd find a home for it as it's been on my list for quite some time now!
The chaise for either my bedroom or the office.  Both need a good little reading chair or chaise.  I think this would work well.  Plus, the no arms make it more versatile. 
Artwork, maybe for a nursery?  Or a guest bedroom?  I'm not going to lie...I just think this is a cool print.  Might even just give it to my sister when she graduates.  ;)  College graduates always need home goods when they graduate. 
Tin Boxes for the office or pantry even.  Obviously they are storage and they hide because they are not clear, but allow you to still label them.  I think they have a vintage industrial feel to them. 
Sherpa-esque rug definitely for either my guest room OR under my xmas tree next year as a tree skirt.  It's like snow!  Not really, but I still like it!  And, it's different. 
Do you have an IKEA wish list?  If so, share with me what you could use!
Happy Monday!

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Rhiannon Nicole said...

Sigh. I too have a list just like this. Oh, IKEA, no matter what people say about hating it there, I love it for it's affordability and loveliness :)

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