Here's to 2011

Hope you all had a fun and safe night. 

Just a few quick reminders for today and then I must go off and  prepare the house and dinner later.  I am having my uncle, grandma, and grandpa over for Corn beef and Cabbage, Black Eyed Peas, some Sauerkraut, etc.  I think I'm going to look up some more of the good luck foods for the day! 

Don't forget about the sample sale going on right now.  Items are up for some great prices!

Then we'll have of course the Winter Classic will be on at our house!  Assuming it's not cancelled or postponed anymore than it has been at the moment!  We love the winter classic!  We hope to go someday!

via sbnation.com
But until then, Go Penguins!  I love my Sid! 

And Happy 2011!

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