-- Thrifty Thursday --

So I officially need to craft!  I can feel it in my veins that the crafti-blood is not pumping correctly. 

So naturally, I have a to do list:
-Make Duct Tape/Masking Tape Art
   *Something I saw in Memphis
-Make Vintage Spoon Shadowbox
   *Spoons are my Great Grandmothers Dessert Spoons
-Finish up Pantry mess
   *We are adding a set of hooks to our pantry so it's more like a mudroom, but having some difficulty
   *Will definitely be posting about this later!
   *Use my Groupon Coupon for painting and get this show on the road!
-Refinish ottoman that I've been ignoring... Long Story
-Use Chalkboard paint somewhere in my house

I think that list is far long enough... what do you think?  Have any to-do's of your own?  My list just gets longer and longer. 

Anyways, today I'm going to scour ebay for some good deals, maybe items to refinish, use, or I don't know... Lets and see what we can find. 

First Search:
Slipper chair (a real want as well ever since I saw this redo by Rambling Renovators)

This one is ok.  I've never reupholstered anything so it would definitely be a learning experience, but it's listed at $99.  Let's keep looking. 

This one is a better fit for me, but at $450 I think we'll be waiting on this project for a while. 

Second Search:
Starburst/Sunburst Mirrors

This is what I consider a really good find!  It's probably small, but would make a great building piece for a wall of sunburst mirrors.  Think a la Ballard Designs.  And the best part, with shipping it's under $25. 

Third Search:
Antique Books

Is anyone else a sucker for bookshelves filled with the old classics?  While I do love that the old classics are being republished in sassy new covers with color and pizazz, there is just something about old books.  Their feel, their smell, their character!  So... I now have some bookcases to fill, why not with some greats?!

Here is one set on ebay for 90 cents!  And one of the books in the lot is from 1914!  LOVE!  And another is only 99 cents for 7 (I think) books.  What do you think?   

Wonder what else we can find on ebay?  Hmmmm....
What have you purchased on ebay?  Any good deals?  Just wondering!

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mskanorado said...

I, too, have the days that I just crave being crafty! I am interested in more information about this duct tape/masking tape art that you speak about! Sounds wonderful! LOVE the old books! I don't have any but I must agree I love the character! I have never reupholstered anything, so I wish you luck on that! Happy Thursday!

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