Mood Board Monday - Nursery (take two)

Good Monday Morning to you! 

I feel like the weekend was not a weekend this weekend!  haha.  How many times can you say weekend in one sentence?!?  I was at a Women's Expo this weekend hosting a Stella & Dot booth and I ended up driving back and forth instead of staying in the area.  That was 2.5 hrs each way.  Talk about drained... seriously drained! 

But the good news it that I've gone 8 days without being sick and without a headache!  WOWZA!  That's gotta be a record for the last 5 months!  No sickness!  yay!  I can't even explain how good it feels to not feel your 100% best, but to not be sick!!!  I am ecstatic! 

So... with that being said... remember my mood board for my nursery before we found out it was a girlie?!  Well, now that it's a girl, I've had to change my plans a bit.  And let me tell you.... Olioboard is probably my new bestie!  That and my heating pad!  But it's helped me pare down what I'm going to do and at least given me a game plan!

Here she is...
Now, let me first say that this nursery is what I'd like to call The LOOK...
And my nursery will be called FOR LESS...

The walls will be a gray like this:

Seriously though... This one is a bit pricey... I'm working on figuring out DIYs, different options, and you know, just ways to bring the cost down in general. 

Baby Girl Nursery

Bedding - Olio - $399
Dressers - Ikea - $379 & $399
Artwork - Etsy - $35 each
Bookcase - Etsy - $70
Rocking Chair - Joya - $800
Mini Rocker
Ceiling Light - $318
Floor Lamp -  $358
Table Lamp - Jonathon Adler - $395
Pouf - $99-150

See what I mean --- Mad total of $3373
which could all be spent on diapers, right?!  :)

I'll share my game plan as I work my way through this crazy process... I can't believe that this is where I am in my life.  Finally starting to get a little excited - in the words of my RZ - There's a vampire/alien/baby growing inside my stomach!  Hopefully the excitement will grow as the baby does... maybe the actual belly will help... Either it will help or just make me feel fat! 

Feedback welcome on this nursery too! Ideas! Words of Wisdom from one Nursery to another! Suggestions! Things I'll definitely need!?!?

Oh well... Happy Monday!


Lisa - A Room with A View said...

Beautiful board! The ceiling light fixture is stunning and I like the artwork.

A Lived in Home said...

It's a great board! Ikea has some great rockers so you could save there possible? Also, try mkaing the art work yourself instead of purchasing. I've made several and printed on card stock. Good luck and congratulations. Come check me out- www.alivedinhome.blogspot.com
I have a baby girl too!

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