Ruler Growth Chart/Art - Part Two

Last week I showed you progress on my Ruler Growth Chart. 

And I'd stated that I was thinking about throwing some vinyl on it...

So here are the options I found on Etsy.

Ruler growth chart Vinyl Lettering

This Ruler Growth Chart Vinyl Lettering is from Orange Blossoms Shop AZ.  I think this would work perfectly on my little piece of wood.  What do you think?

Growth Chart Vinyl Lettering

Orange Blossoms also has this one... which I have a fondness for!  I like how the numbers are all different!  I do wish though it had more and small dashes for the markings in between. 


Or this one from Abbie's House.  They actually show it on the wooden "ruler." 
This would make my life so much easier!

Watch Us Grow and ruler vinyl decals for growth chart

This one is also cute from Scraps of Love by Jen!  And I love dotted letters and numbers!  It would look really sweet in a babe's room.  However, I am going for something a little more modern some I'm not sure how well this would fit. 

So... now I must decide what to do what to do!  Hmmm....
I think once we get the room painted this weekend, I'll put what I have in there and see how I feel about it!
I'll share with you, don't worry!

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