Adding Art to the Bedroom on a Budget

I recently added some art to my bedroom. 
It was feeling a little drab.

I found this set of three frames at goodwill and they were a total of $15.  They used to be green with children's pictures in them... actually the pictures weren't so bad, but I wasn't looking to put hot air balloon prints anywhere in my house so I slaved over these for a week, taking the backing off and trying to save the matting so it could be used again too.  I cut myself many times, but here's how they came out. 

I thought for sure I shared this previously, but now I can't find the post!  Hunting for it after I post.  I know I did!  I will find it! 

Any who... so they were in my room like this for a while... I liked the color of the frames, but I wasn't sold on it in the room.  I thought I wanted them gray like some of the accents in the room, but I just wasn't liking the look.  It was too dark in the room.  The room needs more light accents or at least subtly moody ones.

Once I decided it had to be changed, I went to Wally World and purchased three of their mini sample bottles for like $2.99 each.  I had actually brought the colors home previously and when I got there I just couldn't decide. 

When I got home, I immediately started painting away at the dark gray. 
Here's what that looked like. 

So I took this dark gray to a lighter shade but I wasn't sold.  This one was too light.  I didn't really like it.  It looked too bright on the walls against the sage and with the creams and muted tones in the room. 

Then I remembered some old paint that I had laying around in the garage and I thought this might be one of the perfect places to use it.  It's actually used on some of the artwork I made in the room so it should blend in nicely... right?

So I taped off the edges to keep the paint from getting on the glass and started painting away! 
When I removed the tape, here's what I had!

Much Much Better! 

I got the two prints on the outside from A Brooklyn Limestone's Freebies and the middle is a poem I found somewhere on the Internet typed up in courier new and centered.  A friend came over the other day and read it and almost started crying.  I just thought it was sweet and lovey... just what you want in a master bedroom, right? 

So, what do you think?  I think I did pretty good. 
I figure I can always change out the artwork and I might even add a $10 picture ledge for them to sit on so that they compliment the other side of the room (shown below) where we already have some ledges... would that be too much?    I'm also thinking about changing the colors of the ledges... removing the paint and just staining them might be nice... oh, I digress.

(This picture is old... they now have some "stuff" on them
although the "stuff" does need to be updated!)

Breakdown of Cost:

Paint not used - $6
Frames and matting- $15
Artwork - FREE
Paint Used - already had so FREE

Total Cost - $21

Hopefully Tuesday is better than yesterday!!! 

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