-- DIY $10 Picture Ledges --

I was looking for stuff to do this past long weekend and came across these $10 Picture Ledges from Knock Off Wood

I love that site.  It's so inspiring!  It makes me think I can do anything!

Anyways, all you need are 2 1x4s, 1 1x2, 2in wood screws, and wood glue. 
Too easy, right? 

So... I put Mike to work. 

Pretty easy... nail the 1x4s together in an L shape.  Add wood glue before nailing together.  Then add the 1x2 to the front, creating the ledge.

 He can be a little much with the power tools.

Then I painted. 

And he hung them for me.  I was originally going to hang some Ikea shelves here, but these work perfectly!  We also made an 8ft one for our hallway!

What do you think? 
Total cost $30 - $10 each for the wood and we didn't have the glue or nails so I had to splurge on those.  Thrifty enough for ya?!  :)

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