31 Days (Late) // Easy (Free) Crafting


I tend to have burlap laying around my house usually and my table was feeling a little blah... With a little extra time on my hands these days because of the government furlough, I decided to do a quick diy table runner.  And by quick I mean super quick and super easy.

Step One:
Lay out the Burlap on the table so you can decide width and length.

Step Two:
Pull out a string of the burlap where you'd like to cut.  This makes cutting straight lines on burlap MUCH easier!

Easy burlap table runner.

I did choose to pull a few strings off the end to give it a more frayed look...
Maybe I'll make a more complicated one when I figure out how to use my sewing machine!


31 Days (Late) // Craigslist Finds


Does anyone else adore craigslist like me?  Even if there is a little bit of danger involved??

I recently sold these chairs on Craigslist

And am still trying to sell this table...

But I have some great pieces from Craigslist in my house... Like this chair...which is now slipcovered.


And this trunk...

And E's Kitchen which has seen better days but I couldn't pass it up at $40

And this amazing buffet that I will never let go of...


But recently I've been looking for odds and ends and come across some of these great finds!

This would be really cool spray painted gold or a fun funky color... then I'd add a rounded piece of glass or acrylic to the top, but for $129 it's not bad...  I recently saw Sabrina Soto recreate something like this on her High/Low Project.

This table is very cool and the perfect conversation piece for a reading room or living room.


I am seriously in love with this sofa and have seen it a few times before...


These have a great shape and would look really good reupholstered in a strip or ikat (my fave).  And the price is right at $50 for the pair!


I love little end tables like this.  They are different and provide storage! This one is a bit pricey at $100 but it says it's an antique.

Those are my favorite finds for today...
More craigslist stalking another day...



31 Days // Breast Cancer Awareness


Well it's not a super happy thing, but it makes me happy that we celebrate the survivors and those who've struggled with the awful disease of breast cancer. 

But this month, as always we've partnered with the Noreen Fraser Foundation and are giving 100% of the proceeds of the pieces below!  October only so get shopping via the link below and pick one or two or all but seriously, the Hope necklace and Frida scarf are my favorites!!!

Plus, place an order through this link http://bit.ly/18RSlI4, my Breast Cancer Awareness Month Show, and you'll be entered to win one of our Wild Hearts Scarves! 

See Giveaways make me happy and it makes me happy that I can help out with such a great cause! 

I know we all know ladies (or men) who have been affected by this crazy disease and this is a fun way to give back and take part in finding the cure! 


31 Days // I Love Pickles Halloween


Can I just say that I'm so excited that (1) I'm checking an item off my bucket list AND (2) I'm not even put out any for doing it!  I keep making my money back and then some... Hope I'm not jinxing it! 

But I Love Pickles is our Booth at a little Noblesville Antique Store, Whimzy and I recently decorated it for Halloween.  What do you think?

And if you are close to Noblesville, you should stop by the Square for this Friday's

Annual Witch's Night Out!

Friday October 11 2013
5:00-9:00 pm.

First fifty witches wearing a witch hat will receive a FREE GIFT!

Whimzy is just across the street! 



31 Days // Stella & Dot


It's been a little while since I shared my love for Stella & Dot so it's about time we revisit the topic.

Plus, it makes me happy! 

And to my suprise this morning while perusing through my blogs on a quick break in the day, I came across this post from The EveryGirl which features our CEO & CCO.  -- Love them both -- 


Did I mention that I was called up to the stage at our recent HOOPLA event?!?

S&D is changing the lives of women everday and making us all a little more fashionable while doing it! 

Favorite pieces right now?

The Frida

The Sutton

The Tia CrossBody Bag - AMAZEBALLS

And our new charms... 

Check the entire new collection out at www.stelladot.com/abbyk or contact me and we'll set up a trunk show!  :)  It's fun!  And not to mention you'll earn free jewels too!



31 Days // Fabric Samples


Ever get that happy feeling inside that your home is finally starting to come together?!

Me either.

But I love trying!

So today when I got a few fabric samples I was completely inspired and in love with 4 out of 6 of my picks!

Here are the winners...

But I got this faux bois pattern too and I think I'm in love... (It's added below)

Can you guess where they'll end up?!?
Here's what I'm thinking... I think...

I am pretty happy with my internet coordination of colors and patterns!
Done any fabric shopping lately?



31 Days // Inside Halloween Decor


Happy Halloween Decor.

My hubby joked this weekend that I might like to decorate more than he does...
And I do like it a lot...
Not quite as much as him...

But I do, so I decided to decorate inside this weekend.

Along with finding many great things in my Halloween box from last year, I created a few banners, and found a few more CHEAP goodies at Dollar Tree.

And my husband continues to scare me with Wendy the Witch. 
This time it was in my car.  

And this afternoon it was in the pantry...

Yes, I scream every time. 


31 Days // New Haircut


I can't remember the last time I had a haircut.. 





31 Days // Summer Must List (LATE)


OBVIOUSLY this is coming out a bit late...(I fell asleep again on Friday & Saturday so don't judge)
All things that are fun, family friendly, and good times!
There have been some changes made on my computers so this picture would not come through for the longest time but TADA!  It's here!

Ok, so I know it's October and obviously Summer has ended already but here's our Summer Bucket List... and let's see how well we did!

1.  Bubblefest (we missed it) - no
2. Pool Day - yes
3. Conner Prairie - yes
4. Thrifting Day - yes
5. Day at the Zoo - yes
6. Hoopla - yes
7. Visit Chicago - no
8. Walk the Monon - no
9. Beach Day - no
10. Beatles Symphony on the Prairie - no
11. Flea Market - yes
12. State Fair - yes
13. Bike the Monon - no
14. Sangria Party - no
15. Symphony on the Prairie - no
16. Library Storytime - no
17. Swimming Lessons - no
18. Children's Museum - no
19. Ice Skating on a Rainy Day - yes
20. Sunday Picnic - yes
21. Date Night - no
22. Movie Day - yes
23. Learn to use my camera - not really
24. Plant Flowers/Garden - no
25. PBS Kids Day in the Park (we missed it) - no
26. Splash Park - yes

11 out of 25 -- is that a complete fail? 
Of those, I challenge myself to do a few more by the end of October.  I think it's possible and the weather has been great!

1. Walk the Monon
2. Library Storytime
3. Children's Museum
4. Plant Flowers

I can do that... for Ells... those are mostly ones she'd like.


31 Days // Sleep

I fell asleep.
I committed to this 31 days of blogging and I fell asleep last night before I blogged.
Which is why my make up post for yesterday is all about sleep.

I apparently need more of it.
It's very low on my todem pole.
It doesn't beat out laundry or bath time or vacuuming.
It's over rated --- or is it?!?

No, it's not over-rated.
This morning I slept in.
Well, until 8.
And it was lovely.
Then I laid there with Ells for a little while longer.
Love it.

I want more.


Look for my real 4th day post a little later!


31 Days // Sarah Richardson

If you are a follower, you are probably sick and tired of me talking about my love for Sarah  Richardson. And I am going to apologize in advance, but seriously she makes me happy.  Like really really happy and excited and I just love her.  That sounds a little stalker-ish.  I assure you we are not at that point although I just started following her on Facebook (believe it or not) -- It's just one more way to get my Sarah fix since we don't have any of her shows running on HGTV here in the states.

Or so I thought...

To my surprise I came home to find THESE on my DVR!

I couldn't believe it.  I had just been looking up a few of her rooms to get ideas for mixing fabrics because I seriously love how she mixes textures and patterns and it was like a sign!  Now, these were not new episodes, but I hadn't seen them and I really loved what she did in this dining room.
*All pictures below via google images*

I'm really happy when it comes to decorating.  I always, well once I hit high school, wanted to be an interior designer.  But you know, that's a hard industry and I was told that was not a good way to go... not a stable way of living.  Now I'm thinking to myself, as I wonder when my next paycheck will come (government shutdown) it might have been a good idea... and at least I'd be doing something I enjoyed!

Did you know...
She started her television career as a behind-the-scenes prop stylist and set decorator?
Runs the successful design firm Sarah Richardson Design Inc.?
Has hosted 5 shows:  Room Service, Design Inc, Sarah's House, Sarah's Cottage (called Sarah's Summer House in the US) and Sarah 101?

I gain inspiration from Sarah, and others.  I love working with colors, crafts, challenges!  I love painting, refinishing, and creating!  So looking back I think I will now know to tell my E to never listen to me when it comes to doing what you love!  The world is such a volatile place anymore that you might as well be doing what you love, right?   I can't wait for her new show Real Potential to air here in the States (hopefully it does).  But until then, here's some LOVELY inspiration from Sarah Richardson.

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