Animal Obessions at Home Goods

I may or may not have a slight obsession with animals.  While they are not currently all over my walls they could be.  I would totally be ok with it.  Antlers, Animals, Taxidermy... well maybe not real taxidermy... although if I ever have a lake house I feel like there might be some fun vintage taxidermy allowed in there. 
But yesterday I was just hanging out with a girlfriend shopping on our lunch break and it took all that I had to not walk out of Home Goods with more animals for my walls!  I've been looking for white and they had them!  Damn.  I mean Darn.  I mean I love you Home Goods. 

I don't know why I'm drawn to the southwestern styles like this but I am.  I love the rugs, the prints, the sculls.  They are just something I would love to be able to use.  I don't think they currently fit my style, especially this big, but if it had been a little smaller this one would have gone straight to my bedroom.  I basically have a spot waiting for it in a mini size.

And this guy {I LOVE YOU} would have come home with me too but I had to talk myself out of it.  I LLLLUUUUUUUURRRRRVVVVVEEEE him!  I love his horns mostly and his whiteness was key.  The size was perfection.  However, I didn't think I could live with the hook at the bottom since I wouldn't be using it as hook.  So again, I was talking myself out of it although he should be at home on my wall this very instant.

And I don't know why but I'm a lover of moose.  I think it's their presence.  Definitely not their wit as I've heard they have none.  Apparently they will just run into cars instead of away from them if you are in their vicinity.  However, they are beautiful.  Those antlers (if that's what you call them) are just majestic and powerful.  And again, he should have come home with me for all the right reason but he was a bit too big and I where he would have gone I think he might have just been too overpowering.
So the search to fill my home with animals continues.

And while I was there I also saw these two beauties.  This marble-esque vase was so cute.  I loved the texture, color, and size.  It would look awesome on some bright colored bookcase or a dresser.  The sofa was just a strange love.  I think I was born during the wrong era.  I tend to like older vintage looks.  This low profile modern sofa just caught my eye. 

So that's my #homegoodshappy story for the day!  Until next time Home Goods... which might be tonight.  #obsessed.


Letters to Ella -- 2nd Edition

Dear Ella,

Last week I had the privilege of spending an entire week with you and your daddy in Disney World, just us.  Wow is that place amazing.  I hope that you remember it when you get older.  It was such a great time.  There is something so magical about that place.  I'm baffled by it, but you just can't help but be happy there.  Well most of us were that way.  You found ways to be unhappy, if only momentarily, but I think it was just your age.

You were super happy and fun and then would turn rotten in two seconds flat.  You made me laugh.  Some moments made me tear up.  I love spending time with you and was so happy we were able to take a vacation like this with you when you were an age where you get so excited over things.

We did everything we could while we were there.  We saw so many princesses it was unnatural.  You only talked to half of them.  For some reason you would side eye or freeze completely with the other half.  You wouldn't talk to Tinkerbell.  You barely talked to Rapunzel.  You and Cinderella discussed your "slippers."  And you would barely smile for Anna & Elsa.  But you talked most to the evil stepsisters and stepmother from Cinderella which you were convinced were nice.  And they were.  They were very nice to you.  I kind of loved them with you. 

You were exhausted, comical, lovely, and frustrating... a great combination if you ask me.  You kept us on our toes.  You surprised us.  You found favorites and we realized that there are something's out there that do scare you.  You'd be scared in the moment and then tell us you were only a little scared later and that you really liked it.  You picked up on things we didn't think you'd notice and you even noticed and remembered details that we didn't over the few days we were there.

It was so much fun to see your face.  Even when you were scared.  Or only a little scared as you said.  We rode "It's A Small World" 4x while we were there and the last 3 I just watched your face and expressions.  You would sing every moment you could get.  You even sang through the fireworks!  At the top of your lungs and people started looking at you.  We tried to shush you a little but then realized it didn't really matter.  Always sing when you want to!  It's a good thing...
It was such an amazing trip that I can't wait to take you somewhere else new again!  Even though for the last three days you've asked to go back to Disneyworld, I think we'll try to find something new. 


Guest Posting Today at The City Moms

Remember how I had a guest blogger on Friday?!  My friend Megan from over at The City Moms?  Today I'm guest posting today all about how I'm taking care of business in my closet by organizing my Jewels and also following through with my goal of getting and staying organized in 2015!

Here's a sneak peek but you can see the rest over at The City Moms Blog!
I'll let you in on a little secret...
I am getting organized!

Happy Monday! 


What is a Hoosier with Guest Blogger Megan!

While we are out for the week exploring the wonderful world of Disney i thought it would be fun to share a guest post!  Megan is a friend that I met through The City Moms!  She's fun,sweet and a transplant Hoosier.  So here's Megan! 

This is my first time guest blogging for someone and I have to admit, I am a bit nervous.  I have been trying to think of a fun, witty way to start this post about being a Hoosier and I cannot think of a darn thing.  I want to come across as a funny gal who leaves you laughing your head off but who am I kidding?  That is so not me – at least, not when it comes to blogging (but in person, you bet. You will pee your pants).  But enough about me.  Lets get down to it. 

Did you know that there is no real meaning for the word “Hoosier”?  According to the Indiana History website (www.indianahistory.org) no one really knows how the word came to be.  Even dictionary.com really doesn’t have anything.  ‘Resident of Indiana’ is the common answer.  Well that, to me, just isn’t enough.  Here is my Top 5 list of things that make Hoosiers… well, Hoosiers: 

1. We help people – if you’re struggling in any way you know someone nearby will be willing to assist you.  
2. We work hard – people in the Midwest don’t just get by. They work their asses off to get where they want to be. 
3. We love our food – cheese. Mushrooms. Fried cheese or mushrooms? Say no more. 
4. We are friendly – you will never know a stranger around here, that’s for sure. 
5. They are HORRIBLE drivers (I say ‘They’ because I’m originally from Illinois) – just take a drive down i69. You’ll see what I mean.


You can find Megan on Twitter!  Go follow her now  :)
Her blog is coming soon.


Celebrating Martin Luther King Day

We are so fortunate that our history is full of strong leaders who stood for their beliefs and the rights of others... On this Martin Luther King day I like to think we have made great strides and we have... But we've also taken steps in the wrong directions at times... 

Rember the words of Dr. King and remind yourself of the good that can come standing up for things that are right. 

And be thankful for those who were willing to take the stand...



Things To Do Around the House

The year of doing continues so I am making lists.  They are all over my house and in my amazing Day Designer.  How do people do it?!  Spend time with the kids, cook, keep a clean house, travel, and all that jazz?!  I'm baffled by those who "get it all done."

This year I'm scaling back on what I feel NEEDS to be done around my home.  It's not my forever home.  It's not perfect.  It doesn't have everything I NEED it to have, but it can't.  It has limitations.  So because of that there are only a couple of things on my to do this list year when it comes to household renovations or repurposing. 

UNO ::  The Pantry Office.
I've been discussing this for a couple years now.  Our pantry has an area where the washer and dryer was supposed to go had it been kept downstairs.  I decided to move the laundry upstairs {BEST DECISION EVER} and make the open area in the pantry more of a mudroom.  Over the years I've wanted it to be more of a dropping ground for our coats and such, but now Momma needs a place to work! 
I'd rather turn it into an office now.  I'm sure I'll still incorporate coat hooks somewhere, but I need somewhere I can sit and work and somewhere that has some organization and storage to it!  I need a mini office.
I've blogged about my office inspiration here but I feel like this picture still is the best representation of what I'm going for...
DOS ::  The Painting of the Cabinets.
Our kitchen is small.  It's coming together nicely.  The table.  The bench Seat.  The island >> See Tres.  I am starting to love it.  It's becoming functional.  But the cabinets are still an eye sorer to me.  Most say they are so nice, but I'm in love with the whites and the grays.  If I had the balls, I'd even paint them navy as it's my newest obsession, but see Uno Inspiration above for more on that. 
I really think this could be a weekend project with the help of Rustoleum Kits.  I'm hoping to do a dark gray on the bottom and white on the top.  I think this is totally doable.  It's 3 cabinets each.  Small kitchens sometimes have an upside.
TRES ::  Finish the Island.
Remember when I got this amazing cabinet from EBTH?  It sat in the garage for a while- probably six months.  Then I started to worry it wouldn't work.  So I put it in it's place.  Now it's our unfinished island.  That thing has been cleaned more times over than you can image.  The top needs replaced with butcher block that I plan on getting from Menards and then I need to spray the bottom with somesort of sealer so that I don't look any more of the amazing color.  The drawers and cabinet need new hardware and some contact paper to clean them up a bit.  Other than that, it's almost done.  And when it's done, it'll be one of my favorite pieces in the house I'm sure!

CUATRO ::  A Bench Cushion.
This has been on the list for sometime now too. I've been super wishy washy about it.  Finding the right mix of fabrics seems hard to me.  I was going to use drop cloth for the wash ability and cost factors, but it's a bit too creamy colored I think.

CINCO ::  A New Bed for the Master. 
Is making one a good idea?  I don't know.  I think I'd rather buy this one.  Here's what I'm going for...

SEIS :: An Organized Garage.
This will have to be a summer task.  I swear we talk about this every year.  It usually stays clean for 2 weeks.  But I'll get it to work this year.  I swear.  It's going to stay clean and organized!  It will make my life so much easier and I can't wait!
So there you have it!  Six things I'd like to get accomplished this year... I don't think that's too much to ask!  There are other projects I'd like to tackle that don't involve my house specifically that I'll share next time!  But for now I get to drool over inspiration for these projects!


Mommy Moments :: Adult Vocabulary

My child has a crazy vocabulary.  I can throw very large words at her and she can say them.  It’s really weird to me.  Some kids her age I cannot even understand what they are saying and she can say things like  Machiavellianism or Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious C L E A R L Y. She's very articulate and while it hasn't been truly tested could probably hold her own with a 6 year old in conversation. 

I know we aren’t all perfect.  So… marrying a hockey player I knew my vocabulary would change as well.  And it has.  But.. then we had a baby.  So needless to say she’s heard a few cuss words in her short lifetime.  I am pretty sure most of the people I know have said these things in front of their kids too.  Having kids is a learning curve where watching your mouth is hard to do. But my kid is smart (I know they all are).  And funny (I know most are).  And did I mention she has a crazy vocabulary? 

So when she says things to me like “Don’t be an idiot, Mommy”  when I do something silly or “Louie shit in the house again” I can’t help but chuckle first and I totally know she got those from me.  Other than the laughing, I try to ignore it in that moment and then address it later.  Not sure if that’s ok but that’s how we do. 

My biggest fear with my kiddo is that she’ll say these things out in public.  We are going to Disney next week and I feel like we might go somewhere and she might yell “Where the f**k is Mickey?!” and in that moment I will just melt and die.  Yes, she said this last week when we were going to color... "Where the f**k are the crayons mommy?" and I told her we didn't say that word {even though she knows we do say that in our house}.  I'm working on it.  The curse jar starts after Disney.  Maybe that'll help me with saving too!  It might fill up pretty fast. 

Until then I’ll chuckle at the funnies that she says…
And I'll read about other kids cussing here.  


Events for the Creative Entreprenuer

Are you like me and dying to make it to a blog conference?!  Well... I am... and it's not ok that I haven't been to one!  One of my goals for 2015 {Have you figured it out yet that I'm starting the year off with trying to stay true to my goals?!?!} is to attend one.  At least.  My friend Melissa has started this awesome website for creative entrepreneurs and I love it.  Why?  Well because it's a great resource.

The Chief Encouragement Office


Creative, Fun, Full of Info.  I know the website is not fully done yet, but the "educate" page I am especially in love with.  This page includes conferences and workshops to help you grow in your business!

I feel like creative entrepreneur events are hard to come by in the midwest and cost an arm and a leg!  They are seriously upwards of $700 typically.  Some are even $2400.  That's unbelievable to me.  Not that I have ruled them out based on price, but that doesn't really fit into my budget right now.  So...

This year I hope to attend a Bloom Workshop, Haven, and Influence.

Bloom Workshops have introduced mini workshops this year.  Not only are they located in Grand Rapids, but these mini workshops are running around $150-$200 which is more in my budget.  I'm excited to try one in March.  Hoping it doesn't sell out before I get around to signing up!


Haven Conference has just listed their dates for 2015 and I can't wait -- July 16-18 in Atlanta!  I'm hoping to hit this up with my friend Anissa from @housesevenblog this year!  She's instafamous, but we also talked about going last year and this is the year for making things happen so we are going!  Plus, Haven usually runs about $250 so again, in our budget.  "It is where DIY lovers from all over will gather together to encourage and learn from one another. You will find hands-on sessions led by some of the top DIY bloggers who will share their knowledge on subjects such as painting furniture and using power tools. For those of you desiring to learn more about blogging, there will be sessions on topics that include social media and how to monetize your blog."


And lastly The Influence Conference.  Umm... well, it's in Indianapolis so yea, I must go.  I was going to go last year but talked myself out of it because of it's spiritual undertones.  Sometimes that stuff freaks me out. Not going to lie.  But this year I'm going no matter what.   And I'm excited about it.  Already!
So now everything is on my calendar... and I just have to figure out how to pay for all of these!  Time to work on the next 2015 goal... saving...


2015 Home Tour :: Bedrooms

Continuing on today with my 2015 Home Tour, today I'll share our bedrooms.  Last week I shared the Pantry, Potties, and Playroom as well basically the entire main floor.  Well, 2 of them.  One is really just a dropping ground these days and I need to get it figured out so until then it's off limits.  It used to look like this.  But for now, Ella's Room and the Master will have to do!

::  Ella's Room  ::

::  Master  ::

I hope you enjoyed!  I'm feeling like a stranger in my room because it's so clean.  
Goal :: to keep it that way
Well, not feeling like a stranger, but clean.  

And while cleaning my house this weekend I came across things that I didn't know i had so some organizing and hanging of pictures happened!  Yay!  Now only two more small spaces to organize and clean and then I'll be all caught up for a good way to begin the year!  



2015 Home Tour :: Playroom, Pantry & Potties

Day Two of the Home Tour
Today I'm sharing the P Squared. 
Playroom, Pantry, Potties - Exciting I know!  
This basically just means I need more time to clean MY room.  That is all. 
Not much change in these lately, except the playroom has seen some things move around.  
No more tents in anticiapation of a TeePee soon! 

:: Playroom ::

:: Pantry ::

:: Potties ::

Next up will be the bedrooms!  Hope you are enjoying!  :)

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