Fifteen in '15

I'm hoping to get a few things accomplished in 2015 as well as changing the way that I do things too.  Having shut the door on 2014, I've realized there were many fun things that happened, things that could have been better, things that could have been worse, and things I didn't get to do that I wanted to.  I'm hoping for 2015 to be a great year.  They all are in their own ways, but I'm hoping for big things to happen from working hard and playing hard this year. 

And these are the things I'm going to do or change to make sure that those big things happen! 

1. Get organized
My house feels like chaos most days.  Whether it's the kitchen or the playroom or the bathrooms, it feels like nothing really has a true place.  Part of that is clutter so I must let go.  Part of that is not picking up so I'm going to make sure we are picking up spaces before leaving them - no more leaving messes for tomorrow (at least not as often).  And I'm going to utilize the spaces we have. 

2. Read 10 books
I think I read 5 in 2014 which is huge for me.  And yes, 3 of those were on tape, but I don't care, it counts!  This year I'd like to read at least 2 "self help" books like Think and Grow Rich, Handsfree Mama, and Lean In.  I'd also like to read a few that I've seen the movies for - Gone Girl, Labor Day, Unbroken.  I haven't seen all those movies, but I will.  Then I'd like to read a couple historical pieces - maybe about a president or a war or the holocaust.  Those all intrigue me.  And some fun ones.... If I Stay, The Help, Boy Snow Bird, & Crazy Salad.  While searching for books I came across this list of 40 books to read before 40... Scroll all the way down and check it out. 

3. No TV days
Or maybe just like half tv days... I tried this a couple times in 2014 and it was so nice, but getting everyone to shut down is the hardest. I love just sitting around playing playdoh with music on the in the background.  I feel like these happen most often during the holidays, but I'm going to try to incorporate them into my schedule more often. 

4. Travel
We are starting 2015 off with a bang and going to Disney in January.  I'm hoping for a few other trips here and there even if they are short.  I'd love to get out to NY again to visit our friends, a Chicago trip is a must this year, and maybe a West Coast trip to visit friends too.  I would love to go somewhere we've never been, but not sure if that's in the 2015 cards so I'll take small trips here and there... even to state parks around us to walk & play! 

5. Maeve
Maeve is my labor of love and I'm going to hit it hard in 2015.  We are doing our first bridal show in February and are hoping to make some contacts there as well as some bookings.  I'd love to secure a spot where we can host our craft nights with local artisans, allow for rentals of our space for bridal and baby showers, and have a more consistent schedule.  I'm hoping for the best!  Working super hard on this baby and soaking in all that I can from wedding industry buffs to make this happen! 

6. Finish 4 house projects
The other day I made a list of projects I'd like to complete around the house.  They include... my island, the kitchen cabinets, the pantry office, the banquette cushion and many more... To knock at least 4 of these out would be awesome.

7. Set cleaning Days
In an effort to alleviate entire Saturdays of cleaning, I'm hoping to do certain small tasks on certain days.  Getting myself to stick to this will be the hard part. 

8. Work on Blogging Better & Take Better Pictures
The blog.  My love.  My release.  I'm hoping to make it more "me" in the next year to make it feel more on purpose rather than an afterthought.  This will all fall into getting more organized and blocking out time. 

9. Exercise & Walk Dogs
Our entire family needs more exercise.  The dogs included.  Even if just walking them for the evening after supper it's going to happen.  My personal exercise goal and I know I've said it before is to be consistent and participate in a mini-marathon.  If I know people with ginormous asses that can do this, then I can do it too.

10. Learn to Sew
But seriously.... Learn.

11. Pay off Debt.
Debt. Is. Killing. Me.  I can't wait to get all my debt paid off.  I'll feel so much lighter. 
I've already printed out 2 plans and I'm totally sticking to them... as long as I can!

12. Block out my time better and Handsfree Time
I'm seriously going to do this.  Even time to play with Ella will be blocked out.  It's the way to go I feel like.  The way to balance.  Which is what I need. 

13. Follow Through with things I say I'm going to -- like these goals

14. A Family Photo Every Month
I did this 2 years ago and I love them.  It's hard to remember, but it's very fun to look back on. 

15. Attend Creative Blogger Conferences
I'm hoping to attend at least 2 this year.  One will be Influence Conference because it's in Indy.  I talked myself out of it last year and I've been kicking myself ever since.  The other I'm looking at are the Bloom Workshops and Pursue.  I'd love to attend Making Things Happen, but I'm not sure it's in the financial cards this year.  I'm also looking at going to Haven with a friend.

So there are the 15 things I hope to accomplish or change in 2015!  If you read it all it's actually a lot more than 15 things but I have 365 days to accomplish. 

What are you planning on changing, resolving, or doing in 2015?

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