O'Verlays { The Ultimate Ikea Hack }

How many of you out there own some piece of Ikea furniture? 
Probably a dresser or bookcase...
Mabye a table or two - end or coffee.

Or maybe I should rephrase my question... how many of you HAVE owned a piece of Ikea furniture if it's not still living in your house right now?  And how many of you have either changed or would love to change the plain jane piece that is lurking in your living room, dining room, kitchen, or bedroom?

Ummm... Yesssss Puhlease!

Mr. K and I have probably owned at least 5 pieces of which, 4 are still in our home at the moment.  Here's what we have...

Ikea Lilberg Sofa - Updated.
I dyed the white slipcovers brown.
Still sits in our loft - I LOVE THIS SOFA for whatever reason.

Ikea Ektorp Chair - Plain Jane.
Still white.
Sits in our loft.

Ikea Levsvik Rack/Bench - Plain Jane.
Used as our TV Stand.
Sits in our living room.

Ikea Malm Dresser - Plain Jane.
Broken, but still used {LOL}.
Sits in our mismatched Master.

Recently I've been wanting to move the dresser to another area of our home...
I don't know where, but it really needs a makeover first...

I'd like it to look something like this:


Or this:

O'verlays: blue & gold RAST

Or maybe really like this one that Amanda did over at Amanda Carol at Home:
Yes, I really like this one.

 Well, now there's an economical way to do this!  With O'Verlays!  They are O'Verlay Fretwork Panels that are sized to fit Ikea furniture and were created by Danika of Gorgeous Shiny Things and Cheryl of The Whole Nine Yards.  All these sassy bloggers are AMAZING!

I need to get my entreprenurial and creative skills flowing to make my millions now!
Off to work...


Nursery Progress { Crib }

Monday night I came home to this...

He looked a little stressed... I'm not sure why though?!? 
The crib took a total of probably one hour start to finish to put together. 

And here she is...
Meet Olivia. 
It's the Olivia Crib by Baby Mod and was purchased through Walmart.com.

So what do you think? 
I still need to figure out the bedding situation, but here you can see the gray walls and the crib.
Not sure if it will stay where it's pictured, but it will probably be close. 
But, I think she's cute.

Ok..so maybe I'm getting a little excited now.


Ghostly Encounters

I don't know if you guys have figured it out yet or not, but Mr. K and I are very very into decorating our house - especially for Halloween.

I saw a few weeks back on The Lettered Cottage, Layla had posted about making a ghost out of cheesecloth.  I thought to myself, well heck, I can do that.  Or so I thought...

Here's theirs....

So... we went to Lowe's and bought two yardsticks. 
We went to Walmart and bought six cheese cloths and some foam balls for the head and hands.
And some Stayflo liquid starch.
Then we came home and went to work.

First, instead of gluing or nailing the yardsticks together, I used what I had on hand - DUCT TAPE. 
Yes, probably the most white trash way to attempt this ghost. 

Then I attached the yardsticks to a pole.  This pole is supposed to stick into the ground, but neither Mr. K nor I could get it to go into the ground so Mr. K came up with the below contraption.

Don't mind Mr. Louie in the background.  He wanted to be a part of the action. 

Then I draped the cheesecloth over the head and the "arms." 
Now, I will tell you that this looks like crap compared to the one shown on the tutorial, but it's not completely finished.

Once you drape the cheesecloth, you spray it with StayFlo Starch and let it dry. 
Here's a before it's done shot...

And here's a final shot:

I also went to Michael's and got some glow in the dark spray paint which we still haven't figured out if it works or not! 
Pretty soon this spooker will be hanging on our porch.

He's needing a name...
And he's not so awful, but next time I'll use more cheesecloth. :)


Organizing my Jewelry

Good Monday Morning Blog Hogs! 

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  The weather here was just about perfect and all weekend!  It was supposed to rain yesterday, but ended up being beautiful! 

So beautiful in fact that I ended up cleaning my closet... yep, you heard that right... cleaning my closet when it was a perfect fall weekend in Indiana!  How many of those come around?!?  Believe me, they are rare!  So rare that this week we are supposed to go from 70s today and tomorrow to the 40s.  Yep, you read that right as well! 

It all started because I can never find anything and I am trying to get organized...
Mr. K thinks I must be nesting... but if it doesn't get done now, when will it get done? 

So I finished up the laundry, organized the clothes in my closet, ridded ourselves of four FULL bags of clothes for Goodwill, and then it was time to go through all the items that make their way to the top of my dresser and nightstand - i.e. Jewelry.

I've seen a few people do this over time and I figured it would be the easiest and most practical thing for me to do with my jewels.  Since I occasionally have to take the jewelry places for trunk shows I needed it to be easily accessible on a daily basis as well as for when it needed to be packed up!

Here are a few pieces I've seen that are almost the same idea:

A very simple idea that looks to work well for smaller jewelry.


I really like this one with the idea to paint it black!  I could possibly use my old cork board that I redid last year for our office that is no more... if it would fit on a wall in my closet.

 Or this idea where she just used little clear clips that you push on the the door!  I like this idea for larger, longer necklaces that can get heavy. 

I went to Michael's and picked up a set of four cork board squares - $12.99 but used a 40% off coupon to cut that in almost half and I had some T-pins from previous trunk/bridal shows. 

Here's the back of my closet door before:

And after:

Now, this isn't all my jewelry, but the most worn.  I'm thinking about moving a smaller table into the corner in there for some more functioning space for larger pieces and or anything else. 

What do you think?
So far it's been working... I actually kind of love it.  I can see everything and I have a place to hang things so they don't get tangled.

Now... on to the other closets!

Happy Monday!


Thanksgiving Dinner 2010 {Lost Drafts}

*While going through some old drafts - try 75!!! - I came across this one which apparently never posted!  Looks like I found a new thing to feature on Friday!!!  LOL!!!  Enjoy!  HAHAHAH*

Well, we did it again.  It's done and over with.  Another successful Thanksgiving dinner. 

Started out with cooking and cooking and cooking...

And a little playing with the food...

Then eating and eating and more eating...

Then it was 2 am on Black Friday and this happened...

Extremely strong winds...
Freezing Cold Temperatures...

We hit 4 Stores between 3am and 5am...  Got deals on a Karaoke Machine, a shop vac, and some Martha Stewart Casserole dishes.  We missed all the appliance and tv deals... oh well.  I'll try on Cyber Monday I guess!

How did your Black Friday Turn out?

This seriously makes me laugh that I never shared it with you!  I mean, look at the glasses I'm wearing! They have no lenses!!!  LOL... and the sides are hot pink!  Good lookin'!


Thrifty Thursday { Nursery Dresser }

I really wanted a mid-century modern dresser for the nursery.  One that looks like this.  This is my ideal dresser.

Refinished Mid-Century Retro Dresser

I think I love it.  I love the two-tone.  That's what the crib will be.  And I think this one would match just nicely.  However, this one is from the Etsy Shop She'z Crafty and at $499 a little out of my price range.  Remember we are doing this nursery on a BUDGET!!!

So I've been scouring the Internet - eBay, craigslist, you name it - for a mid-century modern dresser or even a danish modern dresser.  I don't want anything elaborate and I'm even willing to do some staining and painting if necessary. 

Then I found this in my parents little city on Craigslist. 

image 0image 1
It's so similar to the one pictured above that it's almost eerie.  A little paint on the top, and a little stain on the bottom and I think it would be close.  BUT then I got to thinking... I'm sure I can find something down this way... even though it's only 2 hours away, it's still troublesome to transfer furniture and especially since Winter is creeping up on us!  You never know what kinds of weather you'll get here in Indiana and when!  Not a bad price though, $130 for the long low one.  The other they want an additional $80 for. 

So I continued to scour the Indianapolis Craigslist and EBay to see if I couldn't find something better, comparable, or even just something that would work. 

I came across a website for a furniture resale shop here in the city.  Love it!  Domistyle!  First of all, they have about five items I need/want!  Including these dressers... I know it's not a great picture.


They would totally work... right? 
And I really just need the lower longer one and they are asking $150 for the dresser and mirror.  They are asking $99.95 for the tall boy chest. 

After comparing the ones in Indy at the resale and the ones in where my parents live, I decided to give the Indy Craigslist one more shot.  And I came across these...

image 0image 1
Nothing like what I was looking for originally but I do like the cane look.  i think they look actually kind of quaint and semi nursery like.  ha ha.  And I figure they can grow with the babe, right?  It's a dresser and a nightstand and you are going to die, but as you may or may not be able to tell from the picture, they are a pale yellow.  And probably the best part is that they are asking $85 for both pieces! 

And then I saw what Natty did to her EXACT SAME DRESSER over at Natty by Design...



Dear Mr. K,
I know I told you that we might not have to paint this one, but really can't you see it in a high gloss white!!!  Or maybe even a plum or turquoise?!?  WOWZA!!!
I might have lied to you.
Your Pregnant Wife


Halloween Progress @ The Kellermeyers

We are slowly but surely making progress at our house for Halloween. 

Honestly, I'm usually not into it.  Mr. K is the one who's always ready to add more and get more gory and gross.  I'm more about the Christmas decor... but this year, it's a whole 'nother story!  I've been seeking out new pieces, ideas, and definitely ready to add to our already a little bit sickening display.  I'm like a little kid in a costume store!!! 

Last Saturday evening we took our time, putting the lights up around the pillars on our porch and working with our furry spiders to make sure they were placed appropriately.  We even put up Rodger and worked on Miss Kim a bit (more on them to come later) but I felt like something was missing...

I thought, what if we lined our walkway with like torches or flames of some sort - and the search began.  Mr. K thought it would look terrible, but I just thought it might be something different and neat! 

A big shout out to my homie, Martha Stewart, and to my new favorite store Grandin Road for carrying the most awesome Halloween decor ever!  Don't worry, we'll for sure be sale shopping their website after this weekend... hoping for some REALLY GREAT MARKDOWNS!!! 

Anyways, I found these flicker flame lights and we lighted our walkway...
What do you think?

I feel like they are a pathway to a fiery dungeon or something. 

This picture is a little scary...where's it leading?!?
And here's Spidey... He is waiting for us to put up the rest of the decor so his friend can be with him!   

We still have a large spider web to add, a ghost, our graves, and some other pieces from last year like Roger and the Monster Box.  But with us both being on the ice like 5-6 days a week and working 40 hrs a week on top of that, our progress coming along. 

This weekend we should be done! And I'm picking up a HUGE bat to hang somewhere from my mom! 
Mr. K was so excited when she offered that!  He couldn't believe they were holding out on him! 

Can't wait to share!


Breast Cancer Tribute Bracelets {Update}

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Tribute Bracelets should be back in stock on October 21st! 

Make sure you go to www.stelladot.com/abbyk and get yours that day!  Before they sell out again!


We sold through the same amount we did last year in only one week this year!!!  And a great gift idea or just a beautiful addition to your wrist!

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