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So I'm on a creative entrepreneur kick these days.  With trying to get Maeve off the ground and coming off (slowly) from actively selling Stella & Dot, I've got business on the mind. 

A while back, I fell in love with Southern Weddings, where "they encourage couples to plan a meaningful beginning to married life."  There was something catchy about their charm and the adorable write-ups.  I continued to follow... Then I noticed some monthly posts from Lara Casey, their publisher & editor-in-chief.  I fell in love with her desire to create beautiful settings, help women create goals, and attain them. 

Skip forward a few years and while I was still following all this, I saw someone else I followed had gone to the Making Things Happen Retreat.  I thought, I must go. I didn't.  It's expensive.  So I will save up and one day will make it there.  But I bought this and set the goal to just go and do things!  

And last year, I joined The Influence Network so that I could attend The Influence Conference and go to a special members only presentation by the one and only Lara Casey.  I didn't go.  For some reason I freaked out and decided not to go.  However, I'm still a member of The Influence Network and loving it this year.  Reading, listening, taking it all in until September when I can join everyone at the conference!  Note:: Make Business Cards! 

But... Until then, yes all that back story had a point... I've been doing anything and everything I can to make myself a better person and entrepreneur.  So when Lara Casey mentioned somewhere that she had this lovely little book called Make It Happen, I was in.  THEN -- it got better!  The Influence Network offered the book to members for FREE by doing an Influence Book Club.  Umm... Yes please! 
Needless to say I'm reading this book.  And because I read slowly or just don't have time typically to read, I'm taking it one chapter at a time.  Unless we at Homeland Security get furloughed next week then I'll be finishing it sooner!  But it's great.  
Books & Breakfast

I almost find myself reading it out loud.  There are parts where she asks you questions and others where she asks that you say something out loud or that you write down notes.  It's very interactive and very deep.  It makes you think.  It makes you want more.  It makes you feel.  It's quite wonderful. 
Definitely check it out!



Disney Tips at The City Moms

Today you can find me blogging over at The City Moms about our Disney Trip and tips!  Things we {think} we did right! 

It was a great vacation and everyone should go!  I never thought I'd say that going in, but we still talk about how great it was a month later! 

Check out my tips over at The City Moms and then back here later this week for a full recap! 

Happy Tuesday!


Busy Busy...

These past few days have been busy busy! 
And the next few are going to be busy busy too! 

Quick recap::
Saturday was Ella's 3rd Frozen Birthday Party.  It was chaos, but I think everyone had fun.
Hoping to recap it soon --- along with all the other things!

Last night I hosted a CAbi party.  No one came. :( You know, either I have no friends or people just got busy.  Lets go with the latter.  haha... But I got to enjoy a personal styling session with the awesome CAbi clothes with my new friend Marcie.  See... I have friends.  And if you'd like to see the collection or order something check it out here.

And this weekend, I have some Maeve Vintage appointments as well as our very first bridal show that we are ever anxiously preparing for.  I feel stressed and excited all at the same time!  YAY! 

So... sorry to be a little MIA but lots of things going on...
I'll leave you with this... Enjoy!


Warehouse Inspiration for Maeve

Sooo... this weekend was a very productive Maeve weekend.  We've been on the hunt to find a new storage place for sometime now.  We were working out of 2 small storage units and it really didn't work well for showing pieces let alone being able to keep track of what we have. 
Yesterday on the Maeve Vintage Blog, I shared about our  new space!  We can't wait!

And here are a few inspiration photos for how we'd like the space to take shape! 

A peek inside a stylish Brooklyn Prop Rental Studio



Happy Hump Day!


Warby Parker At Home Trials

*While this post does contain affiliate links, all opinions and words are my own.  I was not paid in any way to try this service or share about it.*

If you follow me on IG, you already saw a sneak peek at my Warby Parker Trial frames.  This system is AWESOME.  I've been needing glasses for some time now but the thought of going into a store and trying on frames for E V E R and then feeling pressured and stressed did not get me excited.  I was stressing over that process.  But I found Warby Parker who's frames are (1) adorable, (2) affordable, and (3) the easiest process E V E R!
I hopped on their website, picked my 5 favorites or ones I thought I liked or even just ones I thought were fun... like the clear Haskell's.  Add them to your cart and select "Home Try On."
A couple days later you'll have this in your mailbox!

Then comes the fun part!  Trying them on.  One pair I wore around for an entire day!  My daughter was very confused! 

When you try them on make sure to tweet or instagram and tag @warbyparker and they are likely to respond like this!
Watts (below right) are getting my vote too.  I think they are a mix of old school and funky.  At least for my face.  The winners are the following...

The best part about Warby Parker is that their original series frames are only $95, including prescription lenses!  What?!?  That's hard to come by anymore!  And they are totally on trend!  And for every pair sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.  I fall hard for companies like this! 
Oh and did I mention shipping is free both ways on the trial with no obligation to buy?!  Yea... you need to get in on this now! 
So... Watts are probably getting ordered shortly... as soon as I get my eye exam!  I really didn't think the trial would come as fast as it did so I wasn't ready for them!  But Watts (above right) or Finch (above left) it will be... maybe I'll get both! 
Heck... maybe I'll order sunglasses too! 


Friday Favorite :: The City Farmhouse

It's time for my Friday favorites!!! Next week there might be a couple favorites since I'm going on vacation... I'm trying to figure out posts!

But today it's all about the amazing ideas that come from Jenn at The City Farmhouse!  She's got adorable style and loads of creativity!

DIY Abstract Art & Modern Coastal Family Room Tour
I love this abstract art that she made herself and she shares how she did it!
DIY Petite Feather Wreath
This feather wreath is kind if genius!  It's funny how you see all the supplies all the time but might not put them together and then someone does and you are like woah! This is perfect for a fun little girls room or obviously at the holidays!
DIY Rosemary Topiaries-Tips to save $-City Farmhouse
I'm totally putting these rosemary topi arises on my to do list!  I'd prefer lavendar ones but I had a rosemary one over the holidays and couldn't get over the scent!  It was AMAZING!  I didn't want to throw it away even though I had already killed it (by total accident)!

I like Jen's blog for her relatability and how she uses normal pieces. It's replicatable and that's important for a blogger!  I also like the colors she uses and the way she mixes old with new.   She makes it seem so easy to change the feel of your home based on the seasons.
Seasons of Home-Easy Spring Decorating Ideas {City Farmhouse} Rustic Modern
Create Style Without Breaking The Bank-New Eating Nook Reveal

Hope you enjoy and Happy Friday!  It's a Maeve Weekend here so I'll be heading home for the weekend!


Waxing The City Indianapolis

Last week I was doing as I do by hanging out with some of my friends from The City Moms group and trying out new places as they so often allow us to do... We were having a Girls Night Out at Waxing the City. It's a new waxing spot in Indy.  And let me just tell you, I loved it.  
No women were hurt while there -- While they do offer waxing of all zones we will call them, at our ladies night I decided to just try their eyebrow waxing. ;)  Let me tell you that I do not enjoy getting anything on my face waxed as I usually either break out or become VERY red.  Neither happened and it really didn't hurt AT ALL.  It was kind of wonderful.  
My little waxer lady Risa was awesome.  At Waxing the City they call their waxers Cerologists.  They created the name for them!  Cera is Latin for wax... You are welcome for your latin lesson for the day.  I took it for 8 years, but don't worry I just stole that information from their website.  Not only did Risa keep me distracted, but she shared with me about what she was doing the entire time, their amazing product line, and the different services they offer.  

And this little table made me laugh and a little uncomfortable all at the same time.  haha.  But I did go home with my own "I love my muff" samples.  If you checked in on Facebook while you were there and told them at the front desk, you got a free sample. I mean who doesn't love their muff?!  Too much!?  No...

I'm not sure what specials they have going on today, but you need to check them out!  They also offer the ability to create your own Girls Night Out... Visit their website for a menu of services and then send Nicole an email and tell her you saw it here!

They'd love to help you get your smooth on!  I can't wait to go back for my next appointment!


800 Posts! Like Woah!

A long long time ago
I can still remember how
That music used to make me smile
And I knew if I had my chance
That I could make those people dance
And maybe they'd be happy for a while...

I started this blog long ago... To document the wedding process really.  To share my likes and dislikes.  To share my happy with people like you.  At the time, I was doing a lot of DIY projects for my wedding and it was mostly about saving money because we didn't really have much.  I didn't really realize that I was that crafty but others apparently did and so this blog just happened.  And seemed natural.  But over the last 6 years, Little Miss Martha has gone through many transformations...
I can't believe now I've published 800 posts!  What the heck did I write about and share?!  800 times?!  And some of you are still out there reading?!?  Or maybe are new?!  It's an honor to share good things with you guys!  I'm glad you've been along for the ride. 
But seriously, what did I write about... Even I'm not sure... so lets take a quick stroll down memory lane... {insert clouds and magical music here}

In March of 2008 I introduced you to Little Miss Me.
"This blog will mostly be about trying to get my jewelry name out there, but I'm sure I'll have work stories and much much more. I started Verre Chic in October after I went to a craft show and saw a few jewelry vendors. I thought to myself, I could do this. And so I did. I feel that my pieces are affordable, chic, and very unique"
See... Even I was wrong on what this little blog was about! 

In 2009, I got engaged...
"The best part about it was that it was just me and my boys. Even if the dogs were barking when we kissed, it was still just right - Mike in front of me, Louie at my feet, and Lex jumping up to hug me! "

In July of 2010 I started selling Stella & Dot, I got married... And then blogged about my next wedding...
In 2011, I shared that I was expecting... and in 2012, we welcomed Ella.
In 2013, I attempted a 31 Days challenge and made it 10 days.  Bahaha.  It helps to laugh at yourself.  And started Maeve. Very Slowly and quietly...  

In 2014, I joined The City Moms and I feel like I got a hold of my blog again... It felt good to be back at it and better than before. 

In 2015, I realized by writing this post that I never shared a happy birthday to my daughter on her birthday this year!  I shared the entire day with her... but forgot to post about it!

While the year has just begun, it looks to be a good one. 
Again, thanks for being along for the ride - sticking with me through the ups and downs and inconsistencies!  Can you believe I've posted 800x?!  I can't. That's for sure.  
Little Miss Martha has been there for me through all my big lifetime moments.  Engagement, Marriage, Babies, Parenting, Finding Me, Making New Friends, etc... All good things!  This trip down memory lane was just that... a TRIP! 


Instagram Printing

I've been thinking about having my instagram pictures printed for a while now.  It feels right.  They are usually some of my favorites.  But I figured it might be a little more complicated than it should be.  So I started investigating and found a few resources that would help me through the process.
First up is from East Coast Creative.  They give you instructions on how to print them cheaply at any store.  Basically they help you edit them so they can be printed like other 4x6 photos.  It involves the use of PicMonkey and Scissors!

Did you know that you can now print from Instgram at Walgreens?
Looks pretty easy but prints start at 39 cents.  Not awful if you know which ones you are wanting to print right away or just want a few of your favorites!


Printstagram offers multiple ways to print Instagram photos, but the 20-by-40-inch posters will make a stunning addition to a living room wall. Between 50 and 400 photos are arranged in a clean grid on thick archival paper for $25. Fill a Tiny Book ($10 for a set of three) with miniature prints of favorite photos, or do the Polaroid-style miniprints ($15 for 48 prints, pictured above), which have wide enough borders to double as note cards. 

Origrami allows you to make your photos into magnets!  I love this idea.  What a fun, trendy and artistic way to jazz up your fridge magnets!  Oh and the packaging is to die for!  Love!
So there's just a couple ways to print your instagram photos!  I love the idea of making them into art!  I think the collage would be super cool in a loft or playroom depending on the photos chosen for it!  Guess I know what's being added to my "list" now! 

Happy Monday!
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