-- Dreams --

Now that we are married of course the question changes from "When are you getting Married?" to "When are you going to have a baby?"   I'd like to thank my mom for giving me to permission to wait as long as I like...  But when I do, I hope that maybe I can do something creative like Adele Enerson, the woman on this blog I came across. 

She tries to come up with things that her little girl might be dreaming about while she's taking her nap.  It's too cute. 

Here's a couple of examples:

The Rain of Roses
From http://milasdaydreams.blogspot.com/
From http://milasdaydreams.blogspot.com/


-- New Beginnings --

I'm trying to figure out where to take the blog from here.

I think it will basically be like starting over. My other blog, The Kellermeyer Chronicles, will be more about life after marriage and what comes next...mostly the funnies that we experience. So if you are bored, I'm hoping to get some good stories going on there. It's still new though.
For the next few weeks, I'll give wedding recaps. Like the breakdown of the day with pictures, stories, etc. And all the homemade items we ended up doing.

Then, I'm going to take it back to my loves... decorating, crafting, etc. This should be what Little Miss Martha is anyways!

I'd also like to give my blog a new life... Does anyone know a really good blog designer? I'd like to get something a little more unique and inviting going on here... I have added one new thing that you'll see below! I'm slowly but surely getting Little Miss Martha where I want it.
Until next time...


Day 10

We came home Sunday to a yard full of crabgrass, all my potted plants and hanging baskets DEAD, and a crazy messy house.  The first 2 were out of our control!  You should have seen the crabgrass...I always said that our house was one of the best looking on the block, but not this week.  I said "MIKE!!! Call TrueGreen IMMEDIATELY!!!  We can't have our yard look like this." 

So last night we mowed and weedwacked and watered EVERYTHING!  It looks much better cut, but we all know it will grow right back.  So we also put some major chemicals down... 

Hopefully it works. 

Here's to happily married day 10! 


Pictures by Amanda Wilcher Photography

Ok...so this will be quick. 

We had some pictures taken before the wedding... 

Here they are!  We love Amanda and Kyle and can't wait to see what the wedding pictures look like!!! 

Thanks to Amanda Wilcher Photographers!  We heart these pictures... and the sneaks we saw at the wedding! 


Mr & Mrs

Well, it's official.  We are married. 

And now we are on the beach in Aruba...It's lovely.  Our hotel really is GREAT! 

We also enjoyed a couples massage today...oooohhh la la. 

It's been nice.  2 days down, 3 to go.


-- It's been a while --

Well well well...so much for the 30 days in a row.  I've completely blown that goal...but only by 5 days this time! 

Anyways, today is the big day.  Rehearsal went well...I'm still super embarrassed to be in front of all those people so we'll see how tomorrow goes... 

I thought I'd stop in and say hello to all those who read me.  After today, I'll be Mrs. K instead of Miss H.  Everything is set, I think.  Hair and makeup in the morning, pictures before ceremony, ceremony, more pictures, and party! 

Hopefully it's not too hot in there...ugh...the no air conditioning in the middle of the summer is not a good thing.  But we'll survive. 

Now to get some sleep before the big event! 

I know Mike is super excited! 

Today I'll be married....weird. 


-- Mr. Hockey --

5 Things Mike Can't Live Without:


Horse Racing

Howard Stern

Cell Phones

Me of Course!  HAHA


- 8 Days Remaining of Unwedded Bliss -

8 days left before the big day
  1. I'm getting my hair colored in a day.  I'm not sure how that's going to turn out.  I think I'm cutting that pretty close. 
  2. My mom is throwing me a Margaritas to Marriage party...mostly because she wanted to have it be Mexican themed...I think she just wanted to make Margaritas!  But I'm OK with that. 
  3. We are doing our Pre-Cana on Sunday.
  4. I still need to make the boutonnieres and mothers bracelets.
  5. I need to figure out something for the favors because my plan fell through...thanks etsy.  This is the one time you have failed me! :(  Don't worry I'll still shop on you. 
  6. I need to cut out all the programs I brought home with me to cut out so my mom and sister won't be disappointed in me. 
  7. Still need to get Mike a ring...OOPS!  Might just be going to a quarter candy machine last minute! 
  8. Still need pictures from Mike's family...been asking for them since like April or May.  Why do thing seem to take longer when planning a wedding? 
In 9 days I'll be laying on a beach in Aruba...In 9 days I'll be laying on a beach in Aruba...In 9 days I'll be laying on a beach in Aruba...In 9 days I'll be laying on a beach in Aruba...In 9 days I'll be laying on a beach in Aruba...In 9 days I'll be laying on a beach in Aruba...In 9 days I'll be laying on a beach in Aruba...In 9 days I'll be laying on a beach in Aruba...In 9 days I'll be laying on a beach in Aruba...In 9 days I'll be laying on a beach in Aruba...



-- Rain or Shine --

With it being 9 days out, we can now check the 10 day forecast!!!  Let's see... I haven't looked yet.  Here's the text since I can't get the pictures to work.  This is just for the week of...

Jul 14 Wednesday

Abundant sunshine. Highs in the mid 80s and lows in the upper 60s.

Jul 15 Thursday

Scattered thunderstorms. Highs in the upper 80s and lows in the low 70s.

Jul 16 Friday

Scattered thunderstorms. Highs in the mid 80s and lows in the upper 60s.

Jul 17 Saturday

Mostly sunny. Highs in the upper 80s and lows in the low 70s.

Looks good to me...but things can change...for the better or for the worse (I think I'm practicing).

-- Can't Sleep --

Not me, I'm exhausted! 


He woke up at like 4am and didn't go to bed until like 11:15 last night at least.  That's not a lot of sleep.  I asked him if he thought he couldn't sleep because he was nervous?  He said "HA, No!"

Ok...well, we'll see how tonight goes. 

days remaining of unwedded bliss -- 9


-- It Can Be Official Now --

This is Mike and I (bad pic - don't judge).

This is Noblesville.

This is Mike and our Marriage License and a pamphlet they gave us on STDs...Nice, I know.

This is where I go for coffee in downtown Noblesville.  Love it! 

And they have this bumper sticker you can buy there.

Then I went home to find this...I heart my dogs.  Thanks Louie!

The end. 

days remaining of unwedded bliss -- 10


-- Bad Dreams --

Did any other Bride-to-Be's out there have bad dreams before the big day? 

On Saturday I had a quite humorous nightmare...it was actually quite comical.  My photographer - Amanda Wilcher - was making me laugh with all the outrageous things she was making us do, it was raining and we were wearing rain boots, but my bridesmaids were not wearing the dresses that I had picked out for them instead they were wearing dresses that apparently they had picked out for themselves which had holes all in them.  Mike and the boys were in Jeans and I'm not quite sure what else...actually at one point, I think he was shirtless.  My dress was no where to be seen in this dream...I think my dress quite resembled the one that Amy wears in the "Diary of a Mad Bride."  Priceless. 

I'm wondering what dreams are to come... 

Any dreams that you can remember from before your big day?  I'd love to hear them!  I'm sure there are some good ones out there.

days remaining of unwedded bliss -- 11


-- $30 Starbucks Gift Card (but you have to pick a team) --

So as many of you know, I had my Stella & Dot Launch Party on June 28th!  I think it was a major success!  My party doesn't close until July 28th which actually overlaps with my Mom's show on July 25th! 

So... I'm going to take Tammi On!!!  From now until July 28th, you can purchase online for either party...You just have to put in either Me, Abby or Tammi as the hostess at my website, www.stelladot.com/abbyk.  All sales from July 5th - July 28th will be a part of this "battle!"

Anyone who purchases $75 dollars or more will be put into a drawing for a $30 Starbucks Gift Card! The winner will be chosen at random from www.random.org where all the email addresses will be put into a pot and the winner will be randomly chosen. 

And ALL SALE ITEMS ARE AN EXTRA 20% OFF NOW THROUGH JULY 9TH!!! So don't forget to check them out here

Here are pictures from the remnants of my party and I promise to take more pictures at my mom's! 

But for now...who will win?!?! 

days remaining of unwedded bliss -- 12


-- Happy 4th --

Happy Birthday America!!!

Thanks Thomas J, Mr. Washington, and the rest of our Founding Fathers for this wonderful nation!  We love it and all the freedoms you fought for us to have! 

Can't wait for the fireworks tonight...

But until then it's back to the rest of the wedding festivities of the day...


-- Dinner with the Pope --

Yes, you read that correctly... 

Lets start from the beginning! 

Whitney asked me what I wanted to do for my "bachelorette" party.  Being my always embarrassed by sexual, silly, (Insert boy part here)-straw self I quickly said... I don't want a bachelorette party.  So we thought maybe it might be nice to do like a nice show that came to town and dinner, but the nice shows like Legally Blonde and Jersey Boys were not only a little bit out of the price range, they also came and went quickly.  So...it was just going to be dinner.  But a dinner that we did not expect. 

We were all set to meet at Buca de Beppos.  Whit had reserved a special room.  I didn't really know they had a special room...the only one I knew of was the one in the kitchen.  Anyways, when we walked back to the table, we were greeted by the pope. 

We sat in the Pope room.  Isn't this guy a little creepy though?  Not only was he sitting in the middle of the massive lazy susan, but he had the craziest eyes that you would catch staring at you every once in a while. 

*Notice the Sybaris Phamplet -- Thank you Stacey and Shanna for the lovely bachelorette bag of goodies...Mike has gone through it multiple times and wondered when we are going to use some of the items (special condoms, pregnancy test 2 pack, k-y massage oils in multiple scents, and a bedroom intensity set -- tie ups and a blindfold)...don't worry...I'm sure they won't get much use!  My face is totally red right now writing this! 

(yes, we put these items behind the Pope's back)

**For those of you who don't know what Sybaris is, look it up.  I will not link to their site because I think it's disgusting and it was a joke, but they do apparently give free tours from 1-4 daily and you get a free gift. 

So that's how I had dinner with the Pope and some great girlfriends!  Thanks to Jennie, Ann, Stephanie, Whitney, Emily, Stacey, and Shanna for coming!  I always have a good time with all of you!  We need to do it again soon...Minus Pope-y!  


days remaining of unwedded bliss -- 15


-- Coming Soon --

Among my newest Stella & Dot Venture (click on the link to the right to see the lovely jewels!), I'm also going to start another new thing... 

So coming soon is...
The Kellermeyer Chronicles

You can find it here

Quick Synopsis of this blog:
The first year in the life of newlyweds... Drama, Disasters, and Great Triumphs as we figure out how to operate this thing called marriage. Some days you'll get Mr K and other days you'll get Abby K...but every day you'll get a Kellermeyer Chronicle.

Join us daily...

It's still under construction, but stop by and have a looksy and tell me what you'd love to see from me and Mr. K.  We'll try to keep it sassy and frassy.  :) 

Thanks for stopping by!

days remaining of unwedded bliss -- 16
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