-- New Beginnings --

I'm trying to figure out where to take the blog from here.

I think it will basically be like starting over. My other blog, The Kellermeyer Chronicles, will be more about life after marriage and what comes next...mostly the funnies that we experience. So if you are bored, I'm hoping to get some good stories going on there. It's still new though.
For the next few weeks, I'll give wedding recaps. Like the breakdown of the day with pictures, stories, etc. And all the homemade items we ended up doing.

Then, I'm going to take it back to my loves... decorating, crafting, etc. This should be what Little Miss Martha is anyways!

I'd also like to give my blog a new life... Does anyone know a really good blog designer? I'd like to get something a little more unique and inviting going on here... I have added one new thing that you'll see below! I'm slowly but surely getting Little Miss Martha where I want it.
Until next time...

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