-- Batteries --

Sorry for the lack of bloggy-ness!  I do apologize...but I do have blame to place.  The blame must be placed on batteries. 

I need to take pictures of things. 

I have an idea of a new thread to start on random days, where I'll take pictures of Lex, Lou, Mike, Friends and it will be called  - Love the One Your With.  I was hoping it would not always be the most flattering pictures, or of places you would not always want to be, but because it was for your significant other or your friends, but it leads back to relationships which is what this blog is all about right now.  

I need to photograph the centerpiece ideas I have or the newly revamped painted vases.  

Or the progress of the invitations...

I wish I could show you my dismal progress at the gym...

But since I don't have any batteries... oh yea, and the camera on my phone is currently broken ... then until I get my sick self out to get them today I can't get back on track for blogging.  My head is about to explode with ideas...well, that might be a lie, but there is at least a weeks worth.  

Anyways, for now... here's a picture of the one thing I need... B-A-T-T-E-R-I-E-S! 


-- The Unresponsive Priest --

Ok, so Mike and I have taken the appropriate measures to get married in the church. 

1.  Start going to church -- although, not on a very consistent basis, we do occasionally.  And the Catholic Faith is always around us...Mike coaches a Catholic Hockey team, I mean, c'mon.  It's like staring at us right in the face every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

2. Join the Church -- Ok, so the papers are filled out, but everytime we do go to the church I forget to grab them.  The intent is there...it's just my brain is frazzled.  I can't help it.  I get that from my mother.  Sorry mom, but we both know it's true. 

4.  Meet with the Priest -- We met with Father Tom.  He's great.  A little bit of dry humor, trying to see what he can get out of us, i.e. donations for the church. 

3.  Take the Pre-Marital Inventory -- I really didn't want to take this, but I did.  We took it I think before Christmas actually.  Heck, I can't remember.  Side note: Does anyone say heck anymore?  I'd probably normally say hell, but this is a Church based blog today so I thought I'd try to prevent myself from saying that one...but it slipped. 

Now here's the tricky part...

4.  Meet with other Priest to discuss the Pre-Marital Inventory Results -- Mike has been calling him since maybe the second week in January and he doesn't call back.  Let me see.  If you were a priest and someone was calling you to try to make an appointment with you, don't you think you'd call back?  What if they needed their Last Rites?  What if they wanted you to come see them in the Hospital?  I suppose they'd leave those words on their messages, but we are trying to get married and that's important too.  I know priests are busy, but seriously...this is just like a job.  You have to return phone calls...AND EMAILS!!!  It's 2010! 

Two months trying to get a hold of a priest is a bit out of control, don't you think?  This is one reason why I didn't want to do this in the first place!  It took me almost 8 months to find a church to marry us and now the priests do not respond!  Are you serious?!!?  Here lies is my dissappointment in the church -- communication, openness, willingness, and workability. 

Ok, there's my bitch session for the day.  I just hope we can get this set up soon and get it checked off the list because it's starting to stress me out.  Ugh. 

Mike's check list for the day:
Call Priest
Call DJ
Finish getting Addresses needed on his side


-- Sunny Day --

Well, I'm completely un-motivated today. I went to the gym. I can't get myself to run past 3 miles. I don't know what to blog about. I need to go buy a new CD player for skating becasue I lost mine and I need to work on some other DIY projects for the wedding.

But for now, it's a sunny snowy day so here's a picture of that!


-- New Fave DIY Blog --

While I was searching for Miss Frozen Yogurt on WeddingBee yesterday and looking through my posts to see if anyone had listed anything for me to use as a template for my invites enclosures, I came across a blog that was new to me.  Now, I have become what my mother calls a "Blog Hog" recently and Mike will tell you the same.  All I do is talk about what this blog said and that blog said and they are probably sick of hearing all these blog ideas.  But...in all reality, as Big Miss Martha would say, "It's a Good Thing."

So yesterday I came across i do it yourself.  It's amazing.  You want to know why?  Don't worry...I'll tell you.  Because they link to other sites that give you free (yes FREE -- the best word ever) templates, DIY ideas, different fonts, labels, address tags, etc.  It's absolutely amazing.  Yesterday they had free vintage labels like this...

One of my favorite items on there is...
It would go perfect with my bow theme.

Maybe 2 ivory ones for the outside of the church doors?!?! 
What do you think? 

I love that they link you to what and where you need to be! 


-- Coming From All Different Places --

HoOne thing I love about my guest list is that we have people coming from all over! And when I say all over, I feel like singing that old Boys 2 Men song - London, Paris, Monte Carlo, Germany, and Rome. Different Places Different Faces still it feels like home. At least, I think that was Boys 2 Men.

Anyway, we have guests coming from Canada, Ohio, Indianapolis, Denver, Nashville, LA, California, Florida and probably places I can't even think of right now. I think it's pretty neat how many different places our guests will be coming from. It’s neat that we (mostly Mike) have friends all over the country.

But when it comes to booking blocks of hotel rooms for your out of town guests, how do you go about it? What is the proper amount of rooms to block? What is a good rate? Do you want to include a Brunch the next morning? What are the dos and don’ts for your guests?

Apparently you should always guess higher than what you think you will need. The hotel should agree to hold the rooms under your last names and make sure you use both yours and your fianc├ęs. Also make sure to include all the hotel information in the invitation so that your guests know that you have reserved rooms at “this” hotel for “this” rate. Also include that the rooms will only be held until “this” date. Two weeks to one month before the wedding, the hotel should call you and ask you if you still need the remaining 5 or however many are left and you tell them if you do or not and that’s how this should go!

I just tried hotelplanner.com. It was interesting. You list everything you need - # of rooms, type of rooms, dates, room rate, etc – and then hotels can bid on the block that you are trying to get. We will see how it goes. Mike may be calling soon to negotiate for a room rate for all these guests! ;)


-- Wedding Singers --

We all know though, that music can make or break a wedding and I for one will not have it break mine!  I've worked way too hard to make this a good time for everyone so finding the right band or DJ is a big deal!  I think we've got it down to the fact that unfortunately we have to go with a DJ.  I really wanted a band.  I just think they are more fun.  I like the feel of live music.  It's brings a sort of sophistocation to the event.  But DJs have their plusses too. 

Usually bands can't play all the songs that DJs can, DJs generally cost less, there are those charasmatic DJs out there who can MAKE the event and keep it going all night long, but then again, there are those who can't and kill it like Adam Sandler did in The Wedding Singer as pictured above.  Love Stinks...Yea, Yea! 

Bands can run upwards of $1000-2500!  However, a good bandleader will play the master of ceremonies at your reception if you want him to interact with everyone on the dancefloor.  My venue is perfect for a band becuase there is a full stage!!!  Which kind of sucks, but whatever. 

Mike and I know who we'd love to have! ZANNA DOO!!! But they are out of our price range! They are the one band that I know that gets everyone out on the dance floor. I don't know what it is about them, but they've just got it! But due to budget restrictions I think it's down to R-n-B Sound out of Fort Fun or Dr. Feelgood Inc.  Why do they all have to be so cheezy?  I mean why can't there just be a classy DJ?  I think Cheezy comes with the territory.  Oh well.  My biggest fear is this...

There are some great websites out there that help like GigMasters where you can see actual perfomances and here actual footage of previous gigs they have done.  And do your research and make sure they are working for you...they need to be open to your likes and dislikes and be willing to play or not play certain types of music because after all, you are the one paying them and the customer is always right! 


-- Snow Day --

Well, it's not like we had work cancelled or anything...it was scheduled!  Happy President's Day!  But it is snowing again.  I feel like it hasn't stopped for the past couple of weeks.  I'm sure they are feeling it much worse over on the east coast though. 

There's not much to report today so I just thought I would post on the SNOW!  Love it!  It's just me and The Family Stone -- a movie that always makes me cry and then laugh right after. 

(Today from the front door)
(The Wintry House)

(Lex and Lou in the snow...and yes, Lex ruined the last picture by pooing!)


-- Sunday Morning Coffee -- 5th Edition --

A lovely "Pretty in Pink" inspiration board made in honor of Valentine's Day. 

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?  I'm giving a few lessons, exchanging cards with Mike, and we are staying in a making a nice dinner together.  We don't like to make too much of a to-do about this day because it gets too expensive.  We may buy ourselves a humidifier for the house!  Woo-Hoo!  I know, we are so romantic. 

Enjoy this inspiration board entitled Pretty in Pink!

Pretty in Pink

Happy Valentine's Day!


-- Skating --


This is a huge part of both of our lives.  Today I taught lessons from 9am-3pm and then tonight we will go back to the rink to watch Mike's hockey team play their Senior night.  And at this moment I'm actually watching speed skating.  It's like I can't get away from it...EVER. 

I feel like Skating should be represented somewhere in our wedding, but I'm not sure how.  Oh well, until I figure it out, enjoy some skating pics! :)
(Mike and I skating at Millenium Park and Chicago last January)

(Some engagement pictures we had taken using the ice as a prop/backdrop)

(A picture of me from Seybold Skating that I had taken while I was trying out for skating shows)

(Pictures of Mike coaching Cathedral Chatard Hockey Club)

(Mike is 1st on the far left top row.  This is a picture of his college hockey team.)


-- Building a Tux --

FYI, this is not like Build a Bear.  It can be done from the comfort of your own home while watching Sleepless in Seattle and drinking a cup of coffee.  No children involved!

At this point in the wedding planning process, I've done this about 10x now.  However, I finally came across a place that rents SUITS!!!  And Tan ones at that!  YAHOO!  I can't even explain to you how excited this made me!  And to top it all off...there were 3 - yes, you heard it - 3 retailers in Fort Wayne that rented them! Thank GOD!!! 

Jims Formal Wear offers suit Rental.  If you go to Mens Wearhouse and ask them to rent a tan suit they look at you like you are the most crazy person in the world and like no one has ever asked them this question before (even though you, I, and all the other brides in the world know this is not the case) and then they try to sell you 1 of the 2 tan suits they sell.  FAIL.

Here are some pictures to see the nice tan suits from Jims!  I was so e-cited!  :)

We are going to do a Stephen Geoffrey/Alfresco (Tan) Suit with an Ivory shirt and a chocolate paisley tie.  Then we'll have chocolate calfskin shoes to round out the look.  I hope this all works out because I think it will look soooo good.  :) 

Here is the link to build your suit.


-- Snow Days --

Driving into work today was not a cup of tea.  The road were not plowed!!! <--City of Indianapolis, did you hear me?!?  The snow was still coming down as it has been since Monday evening/Tuesday morning.  The winds were blowing about 40mph.  Once I did make it in, I didn't think I was going to make it from my car to the door.  Needless to say, my hair was windblown. 

These are the days I wish I lived in DC or the East Coast.  I love Vermont and Maine thanks to some good Friends of mine. 

Anyways, on account of the nasty snowy days we've had and of course the upcoming event of VALENTINES Day (which I don't really, really celebrate), I'd like to share with you these too adorable engagement photos!  Enjoy. 

(These 3 photos from Snippet and Ink courstesy of A Bryan Photo)

And here's a last one I found from the chicago area:  Miller and Miller


-- All you need is LOVE --

All you need is Love, right?  I love the Beatles.  I could listen to them non-stop.  Well, in this case, I think all you might need is a little bit of a touch of LOVE. 

I am a big fan of this idea. 

Monogrammed mugs from Anthropologie each contain a different type of flower here.  I think I might use them in a little different way...not quire sure yet, but I sure do love this idea. 

And at only $6 per mug, it's a $24 accent to your wedding that is just simply wonderful.  Plus, you can drink from the mugs until you accidentally break them!  They are forever keepsakes! 


Sunday Morning Coffee - 4th Edition

This inspiration board is called Classic Looks!  I think it's beautiful. 

Classic Looks

Enjoy the Late Sunday Morning Coffee.  At this point it's Monday afternoon coffee.  I was sick yesterday.  :)


-- DIY Painted Vases --

I'm attempting a little DIY this weekend.  I take that back A LOT of DIY this weekend.  I am hoping to be putting together and trimming up my invitations so that all I need to do is print them, but along with that I'm going to be doing a good bit of spray painting.  Yep, you heard me.  I'm busting out my craftiness and channeling my Martha to pull out my best version of some painted vases. 

I went to Goodwill last weekend and scarfed up all the white, pewtred, plain glass, yellow, metalic, you name it vases...so long as they had a pattern on it and were less than $1.50 a piece they were mine.  I even got some of them at half off.  You have to love Goodwill for their half off days!  Then I went to Lowes and picked up some Mocha/Chocolate colored spray paint. 

Maybe I should back up a little bit.  I was inspired by this DIY setting on Style Me Pretty and I thought, hey...I can do that.  I like the idea of small vases on smaller tables because it can give the illusion of a lot of flowers without there being a lot which = lower cost.  LOVE IT!  Here is what there's turned out like:

So beautiful it's not even fair. 

Mine will be chocolate in color and accented with whatever green/chartreusey colored vases, candles, and flowers I can find.  I've also found some really neat bronzy colored accent pieces a few places that I may start ravaging through and adding those in for some sass and extra color.  I think the centerpieces may turn out super sassy and I may be very very proud of what I did
(insert music symbols here) All by myself (insert more music symbols here).

Here's my process for painting the vases! 
They still need another coat but here is the process start to finish.  99 cent white glass vases, a little spray paint, and voila!


The best thing about the vases is that you can then give flower to people in them (it's not regifting because you totally crafted it in the first place!), you can use them in your house, you could let people take them home with them and you don't have to care becuase you spen next to nothing on them, and they are simply sassy and gorgeous!


-- Cards and Pockets --

I'm supplementing my clearance Martha Stewart inviations with mats and pocket folds from Cards and Pockets.  Today I think I placed my last order...for the wedding that is. 

Well, they have this lovely blog, found here, where they tell you what you need to make the lovely invitations that they show.  They make some pretty neat invitations!  Here are a few and they also on most of them give the breakdown of the price per invite too!  How great?!  Right??? 

Here are just a few of the lovely ideas from the Cards and Pockets Blog:
(source for all below pictures)

You can also have the custom printing done through cards and pockets as well!  Just email them for a quote!  :)  Happy Invites!


-- Chocolate Buttercream --

No, I'm not talking about cake flavors, although that does sound good.  I'm talking about a lovely company who makes gorgeous customized wedding signs.  You may have seen them featured on Southern Weddings Magazing Blog.  They are absolutely divine! 

Keepsakes for you and your new Mr.  And also something that can be passed down through your family as a family heirloom!  I think they are quite neat!  Here are a few...

They are really unique and would add a little sass to the front of any church, ceremony, or reception setting.  Plus, you can take it home with you and put it in an office, hang it in a garage, or do whatever with it.  It would definitely be a conversation starter. 

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