-- Bootcamps with a Twist --

So I saw this on Wedding Chicks the other day and yes I am partial to wedding chicks because I am a blogger on that site too...although lately I find myself blogging here WAY more than there...but I was a blogger there before Everyone could be a Wedding Chicks blogger.  I still love Wedding Chicks either way! 

Anyways, they featured this great fitness facility out of Richmond, VA called Styles Group Fitness Network.  It's a womens based fitness facility where all their classes are geared towards a particular group and named to reflect that.  The classes are Bridal Bootcamp, Momma Bootcamp, Puma Bootcamp, Cougar Bootcamp and Hitched Bootcamp!  I freaking Love it!  How cute!  And how appropriate!?

Look at these classes -- I'm sure you'll get in shape in no time. 

With it being 6 months out it's really time to start thinking about tigtening up my belly flab and shredding that extra weight.  I read a little bit of Miss Frozen Yogurt over on WeddingBee -- not quite sure how I latched onto her, but I did.  She enjoys Miss Jillian, Miss Jillian Michaels that is and her 30 day shred video.  I have it and i really need to stick to it and try it and see what it does for me.  It is hard and I do sweat in 20 min and I'm a HUGE fan of short workouts.  So we'll see. 

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