-- I Won Something So I Picked a Date --

Yep, that's our date.  I really thought any date in 2010 would be ideal for keeping track of wedding anniversaries, but there's a little story behind the date we chose. 

We worked everything completely backwards for this wedding.  And when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING!!!  We booked a reception venue before we had a date and before we even knew really anything else about the wedding.  But the best thing is that I won a contest on Wedding Chicks for a free EcoBag with your favorite design...well, mine included the wedding date.  Oops! 

Somehow we picked July 17th...I actually think Mike picked it.  There was something wrong with all the other dates of the month and we had to think about when Hockey season and practices would start up again and when my sister would be going back down to Memphis for school and the 17th, just seemed right.  So I sent in the order...

And everything else seemed to fall into place.  THANK GOODNESS!!!  And I use my bag all the time for all my wedding planning needs!!! 

You can find more wedding chicks items here

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