Work Travel - Nogales, AZ

A few months ago (now) I was sent to Nogales for work.  I've never been this far south to the border so I was expecting an experience.  One much different than the one we got... But all in all it was an experience.

First flight was cancelled at about 10pm the night before we were supposed to leave. 
Flight rescheduled for 5pm following day.
Got to the airport only to find that our flight had been delayed by 30 min -- not too bad. 
*This was all going on during the American Airlines Pilot Strike*
Then it was delayed another 30 min...
And another...
And another...
And we finally boarded around 7:20pm. 

Made it to Dallas in time to catch our other delayed flight which ended up putting us into Tuscon around 1:30 am. Their time.

Then we had a 1.5 hour drive to our final destination -- Nogales, AZ.

When we got in, we had no idea what we were in for...

My partner in crime for the week -- Marie -- slept with Jiminy Cricket in her room all night long.  We really had no options at that point because no maintenance people were available and it was so late.  We thought maybe it was because we were on the 1st level until we saw the entire hotel in the light the next day.

This was our view at breakfast.  Actually not too bad -- and the food was pretty good.  It seemed like a deserted resort because we were always the only ones in there or around. 

Then it was of to the port...

Here's a view from our office...
I mean, the cashier's office by the truck booths.
See that brown line on the horizon... that's part of the fence from afar.  It looks like you could push it over.

Look at that sky though... It was the most beautiful thing about Nogales...
That and the mountains.

This might have been my favorite part of the entire trip. 
Not sure why I found this sign so comical, but I had to get a picture of it.
We had to drive through the checkpoint to go down and back up to a building so we kinda went to Mexico?!?  Not really b/c we turned back...
Probably a good thing.

That night we were so exhausted that we couldn't wait to get back and go to sleep... or so we thought. 
Jiminy had made his way into my room....
No, wait...
My bed... and not only in my bed, but in between my sheets!
I had not peeled back every layer as I now know to do... EVERY SINGLE LAYER...

So I was watching SYTYCD (I think it was what was on) and I had decided to finally turn it down way low -- keep it on since my room had doors to the outside at the patio and the entry -- and I kept hearing this rustling.  At first I thought it was me moving and trying to get comfortable, but when I was completely still and still hearing it, that was it..

I hopped up and sure enough, here came Jiminy crawling out of my sheets... and then just resting nicely on my pillow until he decided to start hopping all over the place!  I called the front desk immediately and asked for someone to come remove it.  They sent the maintenance guy who came to capture it and then sprayed my room with bug stuff which he so nicely let me know was "No Toxic... No toxic."  I think that was all he could say... I think.

We survived... one more day we were thinking... we got all but one done on the first day so the second day, we finished that one quickly and even assessed another area that needed to be fixed. Then we were headed home... we hoped.

When we went to the downtown office, we were right on the cusp of Mexico.  Literally.  It was on the other side of the fence. And can we just talk about the fence?!?  I had never seen it before except for on TV and I was expecting something much more intimidating... I mean seriously?!?

Once we were done -- a day early... THANK GOD! -- We headed back to Tuscon to stay in a real hotel for the night... Hyatt Place, I love you.  I mean it, I really do!  A real shower, a real bed...
It's the little things, right?! 

We were just driving back and got to see what we missed the first night in. 
These cacti were ALL over the sides of the highway... and HUGE. 
They reminded me of the GINORMOUS ones we saw when we were in Aruba. 

The mountain ranges were very pretty... it's kind of a shame we didn't have more time to sight see.
But seriously, we were ready to go...

And once we got back to Tuscon, we found out that Challenger was going to be flying right over...
For Mark and Gabrielle Gifford to see.
And they did, but not by the airport so I didn't get to see it. Oh well.  That would have just been one more thing to add to my list of crazy sights while out on this work travel stuff!

When we turned the rental car in, we were asked where we stayed... Rio Rico we told them. 
The rental car guy was very intrigued...
Apparently The Hangover III was being filmed there a few weeks prior. 
I am anxious to see this movie now as I feel that my hotel stay resembled the places they visited/stayed/woke up in on The Hangover II. 
It would not surprise me if they stayed at our "resort."

Then at the airport, I bought myself a little cactus... so I could always remember this experience. 
It now sits on my ledge in the kitchen.

And we saw these edible crickets in Dallas while were waiting on our connecting...which made us laugh even though I know they are a real delicacy in Mexico... they are not on my bucket list!  Especially after our encounters with their cousin, Jim.

Glad this trip finally came to an end.  The only flight home was starting at like 3pm so we didn't get back into town until about 1:30am (again), but we didn't care at that point... home was home.  We did what we needed to do and we were OK with it! 



Just thinking today about how much I've always wanted a piano in my house...
And how I know someday I will have one...

And how I was casually looking at Emily A. Clark's blog today and realized she placed one in her foyer...

via Emily A. Clark

And how I kind of like that idea...

So instead of looking for a new entryway table...
I think I'll search for a piano I can sass up...

Here's a little inspiration...

via manolohome.com
via apopofpretty.com

via h2hblog.com

via houzz.com

via diydelray.com
via homeportfolio.com

via funkyjunksisters.blogspot.com


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Fall Favorites - Pumpkin Patch

So here we go... really getting back on track! 
I hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving!  We did, but ours is always super short due to the frolicking back and forth from parent's house to other parent's house.
And it's like Ella is a show dog sometimes.... I mean, I know she's cute, but people will see her when they see her...

So, now back to my catching up. 

A few months ago (now) we ventured to the Pumpkin Patch.  I don't think I've really ever been to a real Pumpkin Patch so my excitement was hard to contain -- I just kept thinking what cute pictures I'll be able to take... and I did, but it wasn't all that I had thought it would be.

First of all it was a GORGEOUS fall day!  I mean GORGEOUS!  Like light jacket weather, the sun was shining, we were out and about and having a great day!  It was the same day that we went to Conner Prairie.  We were jam packing as much stuff in on this GORGEOUS day!  Did I mention it was GORGEOUS?!? 

So anyways, we pull up at about 4:15 pm, had to pay $5 to park, found a good spot, unloaded the baby, and were on our way to large hay piles, pumpkins, and hay rides...

And we were...
We checked out the zip liners and sat on the stack of hay bails for a little bit...but she kept eating the straw.

And Mr K grabbed a drink and some tickets and we got in line for the hayride out to the pumpkins...

Well, we get off the hayride and Mr K tells me to hurry which made NO sense to me, but I was like OK we'll be quick.  We ran out to find a good spot and looked for a mini pumpkin (no such luck). 

We took a few pictures...

My FAVE...

And decided to hop the ride back...
Mr K said it was the last one back in otherwise we'd have to walk.  I had heard nothing of the sorts...

Got back and EVERYTHING was closed up.  It was basically our load off the hayride that was left in the area... Jerks!  Charged us $5 to park and Mr K bought tickets we couldn't even use...

AND they just throw already picked pumpkins on large patches of leaves and vines...
What's up with that?!?

But, in the end we got a family photo -- which I know needs to be edited, but you've waited long enough already!  And we pooped out the child!  YAY!  I'm always up for a good pooping out of my kid! 

It's the best! Seriously! 

Off to our next adventure...  


Random Ramblings -- Like Woah

Well, lets try this getting on track thing again...

Wow.. I have been out of it.  I feel like there is no time for anything anymore!  And can you believe it's already Thanksgiving!  I'm just like woah! 

I've been WAY out of it with regards to blogging.  I feel like this was/is an outlet for me to unleash on the world when I'm down or mad or disappointed, or a reason to share a craft or update I did around my home that I'm (kinda) proud of (or not), or a reason to just craft in the first place.  And it's my way to actually READ things -- I would check blogs daily... now I find myself trying to catch up and missing out on major life events like how Katie over at Bower Power had her little boy!  While she has no idea who I am, I love her blog and love to read it!  Same with others that I have tagged in my favorites on the blog (keep scrolling down and you'll see them -- Favorite Little Blogs).

My life has gotten a bit more complicated over the last few weeks -- between work travel, work, holidays, hockey, and just random life issues my stress levels have probably plato-ed, or at least I hope they have.  I'm ready for my life to have some sort of order, but I usually find myself falling just short of that.  But because of all these things colliding at once, I feel like I'm missing out on things and want to get back into the blogging game for sure.  I love having comments from people, or getting new followers (yes, I know you are there and I love you for it), or following old followers (yes, I look at your blogs too!)!  It makes me feel somehow connected to the world.  Move over World News, blogs keep me in the loop!

So with all that being said, Thank you for following, reading, hanging, and bearing with me through the no posts!  I love you for it.  And even though I get sick of everyone on Facebook putting what they are thankful for for the days of November, I am thankful for things too -- I'm just not THAT public of a person...yet.


Thanksgiving is tomorrow so there are things to be THANKFUL for like pumpkin pie and cheesecake!  Oh yea, and family of course. 

Maybe I'll have a few moments to get caught up on things this weekend.  In the next couple weeks, I'll be playing catch up.  I'm not going to put a hard and fast deadline on my catching up because it's taken me 3 months to fall of the bandwagon so it will probably take me a little while to get back on... but, there are things I want to share.  Cute things. 

So look for posts about:

Pumpkin Patches
Holiday Decor
Baby Kakes
San Diego
Hockey Tournaments
Back problems...
First Birthday Party Ideas

That's about what I have at the moment, but there is more.


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Halloween 2012 -- Our House

Well, it's over...
My husband's favorite non-holiday! 
We made it through...

Even though we had to readjust and redo most of our decorations throughout the month of October mostly due to wind, we made it. 

The Monster Box was a success again, Rodger was a success again, and the Bat was a huge hit for some reason. 

Mr K says we should start charging $5 for pictures.  We didn't, but we easily could have made at least $100 doing that!  haha.

Here's my little butterfly with Rodger.  Surprisingly she was not scared of him.

The Large and In Charge Bat -- he needs a name.

With the Monster Box -- A ton of little girls were like "Look at the zombie mommy!"  Which made me laugh because consistently the little boys were scared of it. 
I mean, I'm scared of it!

From the Road
Our Cemetery and Gatekeeper Rodger

With the Fog
That Mr K couldn't get started until halfway through the evening!

Rodger and his shadow that is cast upon our house.... a little freaky.
Sorry it's a little blurry -- I can't figure out the night vision on this camera yet!

And our house guest for the night... Whit!  She came over for some chili and to see all the little trick-or-treater's!  Thanks for joining us Whit! 

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween and didn't get too frozen while out and about!  It was so cold here... and wet.  Because of this, we just stayed home and let Baby Kakes help us out with the handing out of candy.

Until next year... I think we'll be changing a lot of stuff up. We need some new stuff!


Pinteresting Recipe

I've been in the mood for "easy" lately.  I think it's because I feel like I haven't settled back into my groove yet.  I feel like I've just been bouncing around trying to catch up.  Last night I ran around the house, cleaning the house for the house cleaner.  Makes no sense I know... It's almost so she doesn't think we are complete slobs, but more that if there is stuff all over the floors, they don't get cleaned and then I'm paying for nothing. 

When I finally hit the bed, my body was just overcome with exhaustion... which might have explained how I slept through 4 alarms this morning... weird.  And even went to bed earlier than usual... weird. 

But back to the easy thing.  Our pantry has been looking very sparse lately so along with "easy" recipes, I was looking for ones with minimal ingredients -- like 3 or 4 total.  I was sure I'd find nothing but that's why we love Pinterest these days... You can seriously find anything (I think).

So I searched for "3 Ingredients" and sure enough I got a recipe.  I made this a couple of weeks ago, but remember I'm still trying to catch up. 

3 Ingredient Fruit Cobbler

Ingredients Needed: 
Frozen Fruit of choice
Vanilla or White cake mix

You pour the frozen fruit into a glass pan that has been greased.  I just sprayed mine with a quick coat of Pam. And we had some frozen peaches and mango in our freezer so that was my choice.  I figured it would be OK if it turned out and if it didn't it wouldn't be too much of a loss.

Once your fruit is in place, you evenly sprinkle the cake mix over top. 

Then you bake for 45-55 minutes at 350 degrees and it comes out like this...

Oops.. that's Baby Kakes, my little helper, but I don't have an after because we ate it before I remembered... I will get better, right?!  At remembering?!? 

It was OK.  I will say that it was much better the next day, but all in all not too bad for a 3 ingredient recipe. 

Happy Halloween.
Hopefully I'll remember to take pictures tonight.  ha. ha.

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