House Tour : Half Bath

With my Matilda Jane party being a couple weeks ago I of course took on the challenge of a quick bathroom redecorating project starting the week before.  Don't you always completely trash a room before you are having people over?  It's like the thrill of a deadline or something?  Idk...

Anyways, so of course I decided to do stripes too... because that is obviously super easy and quick! Duh!

And here's how it turned out.  I'm very pleased. 

The mirror I found at a flea market last summer and have been holding on to.  Initially I was thinking I would paint it white, but lots of gold accents are making their way into our home and I kind of like it like as is now.

I thought the room needed a little something over the toilet but I wasn't sure what so I just started scrounging around the house hoping to find some goodies.  This entire vignette cost me $0.

The elephant we had and he used to sit in our living room. 
The shelf was a shelf that I had used at my antique booth that I no longer do at the moment. 
The milk glass was in my garage and the shells are from our Florida & Aruba trips.
The little artwork is done by my little Ells. 
Books we had.
And the gold frame was sitting upstairs in a closet. 

The octopus I found a Home Goods a few weeks ago and just fell in love.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but I love it at as little hand towel holder in here.  It just adds a little interest.

Look for more details on the striping this week!  


Disney On Ice

Mike's mom bought tickets to Disney on Ice last weekend in Fort Wayne. 
Ella loves to ice skate and I thought it would be something she'd enjoy so I suggested it as a fun thing for Ella to her "Nonna" and boy oh boy did she have a good time.

We went as a princess...Of Course!
Snow White is the only dress up dress that we have that is semi-close to fitting so it was the winner.

Ella walked in holding Nonna's hand... how cute!

Then this is us riding up in the escalator... 
which we love to ride over and over again, but had to refrain from here!  

And checking out all the goodies... 
Can we get all of it?!?

She ended up with the Tinkerbell Light Saber Wand.

Waiting for the show... 
Both Nonna & Ells were excited!

And there they are... our hosts for the evening... 
Minnie & Mickey

She was in awe...

We saw the dwarfs... 

Dancing Silverware... 


All things under the sea...

And Dragons...

And believe me, this was not her reaction to the dragon...
That thing was PG-13 scary...

Cinderella & Prince Charming

And everyone in the Finale...
That set off the fire alarm... 

For Real... 

But we had time to wave goodbye and take one quick selfie before we were kicked out!

And we can't wait to go again next year!  
Aside from the skating itself which was just so-so, it was a really great show! 


Friday Favorite : Little Green Notebook

Do you have any blogs that you religiously check everyday?!  I typically go through blogs with recent posting listed under MY blogs on my blogger home page.  But there are a few that I don't even wait for them to post and I go directly to their site... hoping and praying they've posted something new since I last checked!

One of those is Little Green Notebook.

I found Jenny's blog a couple years ago when I was wanting to dye lampshades.  She had a really cute tutorial and it was easy and worked really well.  I love that she's not afraid to reuse things and she loves hunting for great finds just like I do, but she finds AMAZING things!

Some of my favorite projects that she's done include...

Using Plywood for flooring in her new office area which she posted about here:

 photo DIYwideplankfloors.jpg

I loved the final result and wish I had somewhere I could do this!
A great affordable option for a larger space!

Tips for Thrifting which she posted about here:

 photo IMG_8635.jpg

I don't know if it's just where she is located (NY now Arizona I think) but she comes across the most amazing things!  I love that she shares her tips and I love that she takes 30 seconds sometimes to run through her favorite thrift stores because consistency in stopping is how you find the best things!

Her DIY Faux Painted Bust which she shows here:

 photo blueprint-1.jpg
I saw a bust at Hobby Lobby the other day that I wouldn't mind trying this on...

And her little redo on this vinyl chair made me seek one out even though I don't have a place to put it!

 photo DSC_0602copy.jpg

And I seriously looked for a chair like this for like a week straight after I saw this post to try to do this to!  i really don't have anywhere for one to go, but I wanted to stripe a chair like this... doesn't it look so chic?!?

I love seeing what she's got up her sleeve everyday!  She's got an eclectic style which I LOVE and I feel like her homes are always pretty "layered" but they always seem livable and comfortable!  She does a really great job of mixing old with new and reusing things!  If you haven't already, and you love decor and thrifting, then you should hop over to Jenny's blog and check out all her DIYs!  I am pretty sure you'll fall in love instantly!

Happy Friday!



House Tour : Kitchen Update

It's amazing to look back at pictures I just took this fall and see how far my home has come!  Especially my downstairs!  The paint has done crazy wonders and I couldn't be happier with it!

Remember how my kitchen looked... almost since the time we moved in?
Tan paint, hand me down table, and some new-ish chairs I'd picked up along the way...

Then I made a trip to Ikea and purchased some Expedit Bookcases to make the banquette I'd been wanting forever and It brightened it up a little bit and opened it up a bit...

This really brightened the space up but I was determined to repaint... 
The living room/kitchen was the only room in my house that hadn't been painted more than 2x.  
So it was time... 

And I am completely in love... 

And even love the little nudie baby that ends up in all my photos...

There's still a few things that need finished...
Like a bench cushion and some pillows, art, and curtains, but we are definitely getting there.

And I went ahead and recovered the chairs since they were looking a little grungy.  

I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby for $8 per yard and I got away with 1 yard... plus I used a 40% off coupon!  Jackpot!

I really like the pattern they bring to the room.

Almost a little whimsy.  :)
Sorry for the lighting in the pictures!  But I'm not going to complain about the sun especially since it snowed again today!

So that's the latest in the Kitchen... More to come, and soon because apparently I had cabin fever and did a lot of things in the last couple weeks and am trying to catch up on blogging them!  :)



House Tour : Baby Kake's Bedroom (In Transition)

Does anyone else ever feel really good about the status of a room, then take pictures of it and realize all the things you missed in picking up or taking care of that you mean to?!  No, just me?!? 
Well after looking at these pictures, I feel that way! 

Now I will begin this post with the fact that Baby Kake's room has changed since these pictures were taken.  There are still a ton of things that need to be done in here, but it is on it's way to getting somewhere better!  I'm saying it's "in transition" because it is just that.  We are still figuring out what works for Ells in her big girl room and what doesn't.  So it might be a while until we are for sure on what's going on in here!

Let's not judge the makeshift sheets.  Momma found an amazing deal on this Jenny Lund - ish bed and couldn't pass it up.  The color is so perfect and I liked the idea of having an extra "full" bed incase we had guests over.  So I snagged it up for $60.  Holla! 

Ells even went to pick it up with me at the antique store and it sat in the garage for a few days until I had the courage to rearrange her room, tackle taking her crib apart and putting this one together! 

Once I got it together, I realized we didn't really have a matteress for her!  This one sits a little high so we are going to replace it, but for now she uses the mattress from the guest room. 

You can see there are a few things that need to be addressed in here..
The curtain... I am thinking I might need another panel.
The Nightstand... Needs painted to match the dresser.
Sheets... Need child appropriate ones!


Wall Decor... Update/Create/Move around.

Shelves... organize and utilize better. 

It's just looking like a bit of a hodge podge in here.  I think the newest arrangement is better, but I'll get a few more things done/changed before it gets another reveal!  So maybe we should be calling this the "before.

Do you guys use your kids rooms as guest rooms? 
Did that come into play when decorating and purchasing furniture?



PSA: Matilda Jane Clothing!

Quick PSA and shameless plug for my Matilda Jane Trunk Show going on!  It's closing at 7pm tonight so if you see something you'd like, please contact my Trunk Keeper Shelly H --- Shellyh@matildajaneclothing.com and tell her your are shopping Abby's Trunk Show! 

Go to www.matildajaneclothing.com and create a wish list with the items you LOVE!  Send it to Shelly and she'll get you all taken care of! 

I seriously want this to be Ella's closet!  It's never to early to appreciate cute fashion! 

I just love their ads sometimes too... Like I need this tent!

And I'm loving this dress for Ells!

Not to mention there's more for Mamas too! 

It's my favorite collection so far!  And they are selling out like hotcakes so hurry!
Make sure you send your wishlist to Shellyh@matildajaneclothing.com and let her know that you are shopping for Abby's party!
Submit your orders by 7pm tonight (3/10)!

You're welcome!

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