Changes Are Coming...

You know when your closet is getting low on clothes and you end up always wearing the same thing over and over and over again... ?

Well I'm there.  Literally because I wear the 5 same things in my closet over and over and over again...
Oh, and with regards to this blog too...

So.... it's time for...

I got on Etsy the other day and purchased a Shiny Brand Spanking New Pre-Made Template.  I didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea that I am a techie and can make these type things on my own because without a "wizard" of some sort I cannot do much on the computer besides email, blog, and read things. 

But seriously... That's true.

So someone asked me what the link to my blog was the other day and I realized that I was totally unhappy with how it was looking these days... I mean it's very very blah and the pictures on the header were outdated and you know, it was just not Martha in anyway anymore...

And we all know that these days I'm trying to get back to what this blog used to be which made me happy.  So with that I'm hoping this new template will make me happy and I'm just waiting on a few more things to load up and then it will be

I hope...

So until then, please excuse the mess because I'm excited for the clean lines and neatness that are to come soon! 

Have a great Wednesday!


PlayLand Update

It's Play Time!  Lately we've been spending a lot of time in this room. 
I uploaded these pictures a while back and haven't looked at them since.

The goal was lots of color and fun loving. 

Here's what it looked like just this past fall...

And now here she is...
Thank God these pics are better!

Please don't mind the nudie baby...
She would not get out of the picture..
And now looking at this I'm thinking too much is going on... LOTS of things are happening!

I think we got the color part down.
I'd still like to get a new sofa, new kids kitchen, add drapes/curtains, and probably update the tent to a canopy of somesort at some point down the line. 

I'm laughing right now because I was worreid about all the darn stuffed animals on the sofa and as I'm blogging this I realize there is a sock layed over the blue pillow on the left side of the sofa! 
Yes, very specific so you don't miss it!  OOPS!
Story of my life...
Which also shows you that this is usually a giant mess of clean laundry waiting to be folded!

Ells has really been enjoying this pink chair which was the same chair she had her newborn pictures taken on so its kind of sweet.  I'm really loving the pop it brings to the room and it needed a new home while the back bedroom is in shambles.  It's going to be a part of MAEVE, but until the weather gets a little better it gets to stay warm in here with us.

Back behind the chair you can kind of see the little drawing table we have.  It used to be the "kitchen" table, but has since found a new home in the corner.

I still love my little DIY Knock Off Land of Nod Garlands.  They are my favorite thing in this room.
The goal was to create a positive and fun loving, colorful place where she could create and use her IMAGINATION.

Even the hedgehogs enjoy hanging out up here...
As long as they are happy!

Sofa: Ikea
Rug: Ikea
Tent: Ikea
Garland: DIY
Pouf: CB2
Poms: DIY


Scenes From My Weekend (last weekend) -- 2nd Edition

Last weekend was a loooooonnnngggg one.  Yes, well there was a holiday -- yes I'm talking about last last weekend, but with it being cold and snowy (again) and Mr K gone (again) and our car being broken, it was just a loooooonnnnnnger than long weekend. 

With that being said, there were some pretty fun moments for me & Baby Kakes.

Somebody got to sleep with mommy becuase mommy was too lazy tired to take her back to bed...
And when said somebody makes her way into our bed she thinks it's time to wake up hence the ipad & movie going on here...

Somebody found some stickers while we were driving...
Then said somebody fell asleep with them all placed in the same spot on her face...

Somebody wanted their nails painted...
So we had a Sunday morning manicure while watching ice dancing...

Monday morning we were out of food and dad was still away so we ran to Panera for some breakfast...
Somebody is stealing the bacon from my sandwich here...

Somebody was glad to see their daddy...

How was your weekend? 
More scenes might be coming later in the week from this past weekend, not last weekend.


Quick Easy DIY Kids Art Wall

So Ells has started to actually make things lately...

Yes, I know they are only coloring pages, but they are still something to share!
She makes wonderful circles and can even accidentally make hearts! 

So I needed a place to showcase her masterpieces! 

I saw these cute little clips in Staples when I was getting a few things blown up and I grabbed them... along with some of the 3M velcro strips. 

And here's what I did...

Plopped those puppies right on the back and then stuck them to this random corner in our kitchen...

Then I took a piece of chalk and wrote above it "Ella's Art" and the best part about this whole thing is it cost next to nothing... probably $10 total AND it's totally moveable! 

You may have already seen this wall if you follow me on Instagram -- @sd_abbyk

So when I decide to put a little build in cabinet or a few shelves, I will be able to reuse these pieces somewhere else! 

How do you display your toddler's art?  I know this isn't huge, but she loves it!


Home Tour 2014 ... Master Bedroom

So our master bedroom is the bane of my existence!  Seriously.  I'm constantly thinking of ways to make it look better, more complete, more pulled together... 

And since we've moved in, my room has looked like this...

And this... 

And now it looks like this... 

It's just so much more light and airy... 

And I really think we are getting there... 

Kind of, Sort of...

Don't judge my reading material.

This wall is still pretty bland. 
I'd love to hang to monstrosity of a tv and collage around it with photos.

And Mr K's side of the bed... pretty bland as well.
And overtaken with suit pants.

And this is feeling very blah these days too...
I am going for calm, but I still want something that is fresh and unique and surprising.
Plus, I have an empty frame too!
I guess that's surprising?!?

It's more of a wall of "family."
& -- Ella -- Wedding -- XO 3

And of course my favorite free printable which I'll probably never be able to find again...
"hi. i am in love with you. ok."

First stop on the Home Tour 2014 is done! 
Now off to photograph the rest!


Scenes From My Weekend - 1st Edition

Note : This was supposed to be posted on MONDAY...

So this weekend was pretty fun and uneventful.  Mr K has taken a new position and is gone ALL THE TIME.  He's still coaching hockey so that's what he wants to do but it leaves me and the little turd muffin home by ourselves a lot. 

So, Friday Ells went to the sitter for a few hours while I ran a few errands.  I mostly prepared and shipped my 10 items sold on ebay last week.  We are attempting that again this week, but I don't think it will go as well as I had hoped!  The goal, clean out and save up!  Then after I picked her up we headed over to GiGi's for a little bit, had dinner, and headed home to watch the Opening Ceremonies... Yes, the Olympics have taken over in our house. 

Saturday, we woke up and just chilled.  I was awoken late in the evening by Mr K who was driving through and stopped (with guest goalie) to sleep the night away, then leave again early the next morning.  Ells and I just layed around most of the day until about 430 when we decided to venture out to the store.  I had planned on running to a few stores for fun, but once out, I realized how cold it was, how sleepy and turd like Ella was being and I decided to grab the groceries and go back home.  Fail. 

Sunday I had plans to make up for Saturday, but when I woke up and it was snowing again, that was it.  We stayed in all day and played and watched movies.  Oh, and cleaned! 

Fun Weekend. 
How was yours?


The Balanced Life

I was scrolling through the instagram the other day... Feb 1st to be exact... and came across on of my favorite style bloggers, Jill G, who had posted a picture with the hash tag #28daysofpilates.  For some reason, it intrigued me.  It must have been either a fat moment, or a moment where I wasn't ready to let go of my phone yet. 

Anyways, I went over to the blog related to the hash tag and decided to sign up myself. 

It's a really nice 5-10 min video each day.  I love how it's not too hard, but it feels good to get back into actually doing something again.

Go on over and meet Robin and check out the #28daysofpilates!  I'm sure you will love it!  And we are only a couple days in so it's still a good time to hop on board!


The Gift That Keeps on Giving

So my sister was lovely enough to grab me one of the $30 Starbucks travel mugs for Christmas that gets me a free brewed coffee everyday in the month of January. 



Not only does it keep my starbucks card loaded at almost all times... It keeps my coffee warm, it is a nice (free) way to start the day, and It's cute... with the Pike Place Market scene on it. 

Thanks to my lovely sister who gave me one who works at Starbucks!  Now, can you suggest to them to do this every month?  I'd totally do it...
Or maybe a brewed coffee club -- scan your card and get a free brew!

Hint Hint #starbucks!

Thanks Sister! 
And now, since Januaray is over, I better get to loading up my card again...


Fourteen in '14

So here we go again...
I feel like we just did this!  But I guess it was an entire year ago. 
And yes.... I do know it's February... I'm late as usual. 
I might soon be changing the name of this blog to Last Minute Mama!
No, but seriously...

2014 is all about Making Things Happen!
This year things will be happening!  It's about doing things BETTER and being BETTER! 

(1)  I will get organized.
*My life feels like chaos right now... switching cars back and forth with Mr K, running to and from things for Ells, being a single parent most of the time, and all this snow has gotten me down.  I think getting seriously organized will help with my stress.


(2) I will read more books.
*I'll make time in my schedule for reading.  Maybe before bed some days or afternoons on others but I'm determined to make this a priority. Here's my list so far:
Labor Day, The Fault In Our Stars, The Hands Free Mama, A Classic of some sort.


(3) I will have "no TV" days. 
*I'm thinking Monday.  I don't really watch anything and I think it would be a nice way to start the week.  Maybe "Music Monday" instead...

(4) I will use my time more wisely.
*Getting organized will help with this.

(5) I will keep a clean household.
*So far this is not going so well...

(6) I will have a successful first year with Maeve.
(more posts on this to come)

(7) I will hit Star Stylist (with Stella & Dot) 7 out of 12 months this year!

(8) I will finish at least 3 house projects--
Wood Floors
Painting Cabinets

(9) I will be a better blogger-- better posts, better commitment, better content, better timeliness.

(10) I will get back in shape -- exercise 3-5 days a week, eat healthier. 

(11) I will walk my dogs at least 3x a week.

(12) I will try to have more enjoyment in my life.
*Participate or attend more things that are for ME.

(13) I will be a better friend. 
* I have friends all over the world at the moment and I'm the worst at staying in touch.  This year, I will attempt to be better at that. 

(14) I will save more money. 
*I think we all say this but I'm sick of money issues so I'm going to rid out my closets and save more! 


Ok, 14 for 14... I think that will work. 
I'll keep you posted and we shall see how it goes!

Any goals you are bound and determined to keep this year?

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