-- Where Do You Blog Party --

I've come across this a couple of times so I've decided to do it myself.  Censational Girl started this idea and has everyone linking up to join the party!  This post may stand for tomorrow as well. 

So...where do I blog?  I blog many places.  When I have a few extra seconds at work, I may start a blog and save for later. Sitting at my desk, looking out the window on rainy and sunny days! 

Or, I at Starbucks during Lunch.

Sitting outside on the patio with an Iced Green or Black Tea...some Madelines and the great atmosphere that Starbucks brings!  Anywhere I blog, I love it!  I just want to be comfortable!  :) 

Where do you blog?

And don't forget to link it up here.  Linking ends tonight! 


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-- One-sy --

Roaming around town with my mom and brother the other day I received a picture text.  It was from my friend Whitney - Hi Whit! 

Anyways, she recently found out that a few of her friends were now expecting and was trying to think of something cute, original, and not too expensive to give to them as presents.  Here's the outcome! 

She took a plain ol' baby onesy, and then decided to Embroider it.  She did this by just threading a needle with the appropriate color, and working her way back and forth on the fabric. 

I love it!  Why?  Because it's simple and not too fussy for the new baby, personal because Whit made it for her friends, and DIY!!!  Now you could definitely do this one!

This one could be for me, but don't worry...I'm not expecting! 


-- Symphony on the Prairie --

Hello Blog Hogs! 

I hope you had a nice weekend!  We did here in the cornfields of Indiana!  And now it's back to the work week.  But... I'm always thinking of things to do during the weekend. 

Mike and I what I call transplants.  We are both from another city, all of our friends do not live in Indy, and so sometimes we have to figure out interesting things to do on our own. 

We live right down the street from a place called Connor Prairie.  It's an interactive history park.  A very cool concept.  They let you discover what it was like to live and play in Indiana's history.  I kind of love it...even though I've never really been there. 
We've only been to Marsh's Symphony on the Prairie.  It's a great big outdoor amphitheater to which many different acts come, but it's mostly music done by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.  Their 4th of July show is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  I think I cried when we were there...it's like you are set back in the days of our Independence.  Alright, I'm getting all emotional. 

Anyways, this past weekend was Classical Mystery Tour: The Music of the Beatles.  It was so fun!  My mom, brother, grandma, and grandpa went with Mike and I.  It was fun to have everyone sitting outside under the stars singing songs like Hey Jude, Yellow Submarine, and Imagine.  I heart the Beatles and this was a great show. 

The best part about Symphony on the Prairie is that you just pay for the tickets and then you are able to bring ANYTHING you want in with you... well within reason!  But you can bring bottles of wine, pizza, pop, beer, etc!  Anything!  That's something you can't beat these days because we all know that concessions foods are extremely expensive. 

If you are in Indianapolis you should definitely look this up!  Especially during the summer so that you can go see a show, drink some wine, and hang out with friends! 


And if you are looking for something to do this October... Conner Prairie does a headless horsemen for Halloween!


Etsy Finds -- Fall

Every Friday I will be doing an "Etsy Finds" with a different theme.  See... I told you I was going to get this whole blog pulled together!  The theme of today is going to be...


I found this little set of artworks...  I think they are just too cute to pass up!  Get them here

Here is a great sage green sassy little headband!  I love the feather and the rosettes combined!  This is a really cute statement hair piece!  Get it here

Now these are the greatest idea ever!  Haven't you seen the rubber boots with them already on?  Well, now you can just by the knitted cuffs!  I'm totally getting some of these!  And I don't even have the rubber boots yet, but these just made me want to wear them all year round!  Get them here!

And don't forget... It's Football Time!!!  How adorable is this knitted hat!?!  Too stinkin' cute!  Get it here.

And lastly...  It's time for something comfy for you to share!  This custom pillow is perfect for any bedroom!  Get it here.

That's it for the etsy finds today!  Come back next Friday for our next set!  :) 

Happy Weekend!    


-- Thrifty Thursdays -- Make your own centerpiece! --

So I was reading Young House Love the other day and they said they are sadly no longer True Value DIY Bloggers. But they listed a few other DIY bloggers so I decided to check them out. One of them is Thrifty Decor Chic. I've been to her blog before, but I figured the best way to start of Thrifty Thursdays would be with a Thrifty Chic, right?!

She purchased glass vases/candleholders... mostly at goodwill for $1-$2. The others she got at Hobby Lobby for half off. The largest one in the middle was the most expensive.
Then she wrapped them with a gauzy fabric using double sided tape. This creates a really nice glow.


These are awesome! And you can do so many things with this Centerpiece Idea. She puts them on a mirror, but they could stand alone for sure! Here is the finished product! Voila! Too easy for sure!

Here is her easter table:


And Here is the centerpiece with the lights out:

So go check out Sarah over at Thrifty Decor Chick and if you try this one, post a comment about how it went!

-- Problems --

Good Morning Blog Hogs! 

I just wanted to let you know that I'm having some issues this morning with my posts so please bear with me today! 

My post will be done later on today! 

For now, you might try to enjoy some of my other favorite blogs listed on the left colum!  :)


-- Wedding Wednesdays --

Good Morning Blog Hogs!  I've decided to do inspiration boards on Wednesdays!  So here goes for our first Wedding Wednesday!

Wedding Wednesday 1


-- Jewel Be Gorgeous --

It's officially up and running and the search for the sassiest brooches continues! 

My mom has opened her Etsy Shoppe!  It's called Jewel Be Gorgeous!  I love the play on words!  She's making the brooch bouquets that she made for my wedding!  They are so gorgeous in person it's not even funny!  Everyone ooohs and aaahhhs over them!  You are sure to too! 

Jewel Be Gorgeous Brooch Bouquets

Go and check her out and if you already have an Etsy shoppe feel free to heart her!  She loves the hearts!  :) 


-- You are a Pearl --

I have a cousin named Kelly.  She takes risks.  Well, I think we all take risks, but she takes leaps!  The most recent leap that Kelly has taken is a little venture to Europe.  She started in Germany and right now she's in Paris! 

She found a little studio that she's staying in while she's there for a couple of weeks!  It's too cute!  I HAVE to go to Paris! 

But anyways, she's blogging it all!  Her adventures, pictures of the beautiful scenery over there, new friends, stories!!!  EVERYTHING!!! 

Check out her blog here.  It's called The World is Your Oyster.  I think I love it and you will too! 

I wish Kelly every excitement and fulfillment while she's over there!  I'm a little jealous, but I really like following her journey!  Much Love Kell! 


-- Habitually Chic --

Habitually Chic is a blog that I happened onto.  This week, Heather is featuring vendors from the New York International Gift Fair...  I wish I could go, but I must work.

I love Habitually Chic for it's fresh look on designing.   She is always showing us sassy items, homes, work spaces, or anything glamorous and stylish! 

In the past few days she's posted some beautiful photos of the vendors.  Below are just some of the eye candy she's been dishing about. 


-- First Follower --

So excited! 

I woke up this morning and saw that I had my first follower!  Although I can't see who it is right now, I just wanted to give a quick shout out to you!!!  YAY!!!

You made my day!!!  Finally, I KNOW someone is reading!!!


-- Still Looking --

I want to redo something in my house.  I'll probably just paint something. 

I know that I want my kitchen to look as much like this as possible. 

I'm hoping to paint the walls up my stairs a chocolaty brown and put many family photos up on it kind of like this.

Because this is basically my living room palate right now with splashes of green...

I need to redo the back bedroom completely.  Well, strike that.  It's never been done.  It's like a crazy conglomeration of all the things we cannot get rid of.  I was thinking a gray color or maybe a yellow/ivory!??! 

I want my house to flow so I have that palate above for my downstairs and my office is painted elephant gray (which in the light looks more like sky blue), and then our bedroom is painted Prairie Sage.  So what would the obvious next progression be?  And this bedroom is at the back of the house. 

Here's a gray nursery... kind of LOVE the idea... would probably change a few things to add more color and sass...

But here's a gray bedroom too.  I love the infused red!

Here's an ivory bedroom.
I'm thinking something to make the house look finished...  Any ideas? 


-- Let's Help Jerry's Kids --

The Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon is one of television’s most enduring events. This outstanding entertainment spectacular with many of the nation’s biggest stars will play a vital role in bringing help and hope to hundreds of thousands of people with neuromuscular diseases. The volunteers who assist with Telethon pledge centers across the country in a variety of ways are vital to the success of the event.

With Labor Day weekend being just around the corner...  I thought I'd try to do something to help bring awareness and allow people to offer a contribution!  I will donate 15% of the price of each piece of jewelry sold through my Stella & Dot E-Boutique between now and September 5th!  All you need to do is type in "Jerrys Kids" as the hostess name when prompted.  This is a great opportunity to get a little something for yourself or start your holiday shopping, AND give back at the same time!  I'm so lucky that my S&D business allows me to do things like this! 

My cousin Patrick has been dealing with Muscular Dystrophy all his life. Muscular dystrophy is a group of disorders that involve muscle weakness and loss of muscle tissue that get worse over time. He recently turned 30 and is still doing great! Yay Patrick! Treatments and meds have come a long way in his lifetime and we are all so glad he's still here with us today!

Directions to Purchase:
Click "Find your Hostess"
Type in "Jerrys Kids"
And Start Shopping!!!

Make a purchase of $35 or more, and you will be entered into a drawing to win the hostess rewards! (Which are awesome, by the way!)   

To volunteer or learn more about events in your local area, please contact your local MDA representative.

Please contact me if you have any questions!!!  And lets bring some love to Jerry's Kids!!!  And if you have a story to share, please do in the comments!!! 


-- Weekend --

Well, it's come...FINALLY!!!

This has been the longest week of my life!  There have been many ups and downs, but nothing life altering.  Tonight we are going to Weber Grill for dinner. Has anyone ever been there?!  Then we are driving home again this weekend (will be next weekend too!).  I may as well buy a house in Fort Wayne for as much as we are up there!  YIKES!

However, I still have a few goals for this weekend. 
Goal one is to SLEEP IN on Saturday! 

Goal two is to finish my thank you cards from the wedding!  I need to have them done before the 1 month mark! 

Goal three is to bathe my dogs...Lou always stinks (for whatever reason) but he really stinks right now! 


Goal four is to do something crafty!  Or at least start it!  I've been looking on craigslist for something to refinish on the cheap!  Maybe something like this dresser...

Then the usuals...  Clean the house, do the laundry, attempt to fix the yard, make a list of things that need done around the house, etc. 

Married life is the same as life as a live-in-sin couple!  lol.  There's always something that needs taking care of! 

Enjoy your weekend! 

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